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  1. the texture files are not the same size so it looks like one has been altered. maybe the alpha channel has been removed on the later texture. it might depend on a texture editor some use 0 as transparent value and some use 255 as transparent value, if they've been swapped then the alpha channel would appear black.
  2. In 2.05, this model: models/darkmod/nature/bush_small03.lwo using this skin: nature/long_grass_lightyellow_dense displays correctly. In 2.06, the same model with the same skin displays the alpha channel as a black texture. First image is 2.05, second is SVN. Could someone with materials knowledge please figure out what's been broken since releasing 2.05? I took a quick look and didn't see any differences in the material or skin definitions, or the tga file for the grass texture. Other bush skins might have the same problem. The bugtracker issue is #4511.
  3. So, I've been having an issue: I keep freezing on the loading screen for missions. There's no real pattern to it, it just happens on random missions, including ones that I've played before without issue. I don't think it's me not giving the mission time to load, I usually wait about seven to ten minutes of the loading bar not moving at all before I do anything, and again, it's happening on missions I've played before without issue. Anyone else had this?
  4. Check that you do not have epifire's custom materials in your TDM's directory. In the 2.05 update a fair amount of his models got added in so now you'll be having two different .mtr files defining the same thing, which throws an error. Don't worry about "Unable to load texture: _default", these are arguments that make automatic textures in the material files. _black, _white and _flat produce uniform black, white and normalmap colors, respectively. _default either isn't supported or isn't defined in TDM, yet some .mtr file somewhere still probably refers to it.
  5. Yes. You can go that far. Most folks wouldn't wanna lose bump map altogether but it's an option. If you use regular image_downsize make sure Postprocess is off or the screen will be black.
  6. So the good news, the updater didn't give me problems this time. Bad news, when I start The Dark Mod, my screen zooms in and the game is just in a window. It works fine from what I can tell, but I'd like to know how to get it out of that windowed mode. Anyone else had this happen?
  7. Part of this Noodle is how the mapper has setup the ambient darkness levels in their map. By default most mappers here will have this base, "darkness threshold" well within a comfortable spectrum for their play style. The problem is that some players like a darker ambient than what was decided to ship with the map. What you're talking about is something of a hard mix filter for the screen. I think it would be a great addition, but I'm not sure that can be harnessed with the current graphical methods in TDM. A more likely option would be the ability to override the ambient darkness values (sinc
  8. I've played my far bit of TDM missions with gamma on 1 and brightness on 1 and I finally noticed how easy it would actually be able to see the player sneaking around in the dark if there was another player walking around as a guardr. So I finally decided to give the gamma and brightness guide in the training mission a fair amount of effort to get the "best" settings for an immersive experience. After a couple minutes of re-reading the guide and fiddling around with the sliders I was never satisfied. When I was sitting in the corner to the right of the book I kept the darkest corners of the r
  9. It's not just you. I challenge everyone to compare the readability of the top (unselected) line to the bottom (selected) line in this typical mission "purchases" screen: It gets even worse when you're trying to select the screen resolution in the video configuration menu and the current resolution happens to be something other than your LCD monitor's native resolution. White text on a tan background is just a horrible choice.
  10. no need to explain so i finally got the updater to work right and then switched to the nvidia driver and the game works great. i may have to tweak settings simply because it is running the GPU hard and the fan is nuts, but that is not due to the game itself, but the display setup is what i suspect. it is kind of annoying but the problem lies with the fact that it is a laptop, and i have a secondary monitor since the main one went out. if i could figure out how to completely bypass the built in monitor then it would probably behave much better, but i guess i may have to start saving for a r
  11. (the screen went black for a few seconds and Dark Mod didn't actually started, just saying, because I don't know if that was supposed to happen) logmysound.txt: http://pastebin.com/XCDPQUxa
  12. OK, after a few days of slow, careful, investigation as time was available, I think I've finally got a reasonable handle on the Linux crashes I've been seeing when running TDM 2.05-beta (and, as it turns out, when trying to run the hacked build I'd made from "latest SVN"). TLDR: Duzenko's "lightgem" patch (added via SVN rev #6635, specifically the portion that went into 'renderer/RenderSystem.cpp', BugTracker #4395) needs "hardening". The consistent crashes I've been seeing right after pressing "attack" on the "Press 'attack' to start the mission" screen is indeed coming from the performance
  13. On a TDM where DbtR isn't already installed ... I only see one version on the in-game download screen, dated Sept 25 2016. When I select "More", it says it's version 3. When I download it in-game, it describes itself as version 3. There's no version number on the load screen. Once I start the mission, missions.tdminfo has this entry in it: tdm_missioninfo river{"downloaded_version" "3""last_play_date" "2016-10-26"} On a TDM where DbtR v1 is already installed, and I've played it, missions.tdminfo has this entry in it: tdm_missioninfo river{"downloaded_version" "1""last_play_date
  14. gcc: gcc (Ubuntu 4.4.3-4ubuntu5.1) 4.4.3 scons: script: v1.2.0.d20100117.r4629, 2010/01/17 22:23:21, by scons on scons-devengine: v1.2.0.d20100117.r4629, 2010/01/17 22:23:21, by scons on scons-dev ------------------------------ 2.05 has already been branched from the trunk. After some fixes I needed to get from duzenko regarding source changes he made, I have no problem compiling 2.05 on my virtual Linux box. We do have a Linux crash that was reported after the load screen of any mission, which is new w/2.05. Hopefully the Linux folks can figure that out, otherwise I'll prolly have to rev
  15. Disabling vsync did nothing. I cleared the config and nothing really changed other than the resolution becoming tiny. However, in this lower resolution, if I fiddled with the mouse enough, then it actually would eventually come across the small screen, however, it had extremely.....wonky.....sensitivity. Here is a pastebin of the command you recommended me to use: http://pastebin.com/ZMrVvtCm
  16. Its safer to change the game screenresolution inside the game, instead of changing this in the config file. So please delete file "darkmod.cfg" in your tdm-folder and run tdm again (to generate the config file with standard values). Check if the mouse problem still exists. if not, set the game screen resolution and play tdm. If the the mouse problem still exists, some user solllutions are Disable vsyncReinsert mouse cableDisable compiz(I searched with https://www.google.com/search?q=doom+3+linux+mouse+lock&oq=doom+3+linux+mouse+lock ) And does the console or log show something? Can we s
  17. I'm running antergos linux. The game is installed, I've changed my resolution in the config file, and everything seems fine, until I load up the game. As soon as I get to the opening menu, my mouse locks to the edges of the screen, and it's nigh impossible for me to move it anywhere else. I've looked through a ton of different articles but nothing seems to help. A fix would be greatly appreciated. I cannot use the ingame config because I can't move the mouse to click on anything. I've tried running it in windowed only to have the same thing happen. I've posted this same thread on reddit but di
  18. i think i found what caused crashing. I clicked left mouse button when player dying (tilt reddish screen showed up) the game crashed btw, dump file size is about 1.2gb. is there any proper cloud-thing to upload this?
  19. "Quicksave" was prolly translated because the player can see the word on the save/load screen. There are different ways of handling that, though.
  20. my 540m is working man , but you know its bridged to intel hd3000 for everything, because standart structure of this type of laptops are like thsi you know. it doesnt matter you are using 540m or intel, the hdmi is on intel hd3000 and internal laptop screen LVDS connection is on hd3000 too. So if hd3000 has a problem it means 540m has a problem here is the file : darkmod.zip.txt
  21. I was using Windows 7 64bit, GTX 780ti, latest drivers at the time. Ever since that glitch, I now drop the compass at the equipment buying screen if I can. Might have been a driver issue, but I haven't tested it since.
  22. There's also a problem with OBS that whenever the compass is on the screen, OBS record just that and nothing else. Ruined several recording attempts of a few maps. Fraps works just fine if you have a beefy system and fast HDD to record to, otherwise it will murder your FPS.
  23. +1 I have an Audigy card as well that makes really odd sounds with EAX enabled. It basically sounds like a jittery hang at the beginning of certain sounds. Also stereo sound doesn't seem to work as expected with EAX on. A character will be talking on screen in front of me, but will sound far left/right. I'm not sureabout diagnostics, I haven't run across too much on dooms sound engine and EAX in general. Is there any in-depth documentation on this?
  24. There is crackling from the front left speaker which isn't there when EAX is disabled Why this should happen I have no idea First noticed with Down by the Riverside but now there with no FM active - just the opening screen Also checked with Coercion and is also there but is masked by the ambient noise Are there any diagnostics I can try Edit - checked again in Down by the Riverside and it is there in the boat at the start but isn't there in the next section after drinking the potion but as soon as you enter the house (where the lady is sitting) it returns
  25. Try: (right click on desktop) screen resolution > make text and other items larger or smaller > Set to Medium also Fov Ratio is a decimal percentage. 16:9 is 1.7777777777 so seta fovRatio "1.778"
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