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  1. Full screen. Just tried running in windowed by changing the Darkmod.cfg setting. Still showing black screen with TDM mouse. I've got this version originally by updating from 2.06 to 2.07. The result was the same as now. Then I deleted all files except fms folder and downloaded the updater again from www.thedarkmod.com There are no subdirectories except fms and screenshots (which I deleted when I reinstalled TDM so now I only have missionshots folder inside fms and no screenshots folder anymore). I'll try reinstalling again and report back. qqq.txt
  2. O-key is a neat way to bring forth the objectives list (the 'O' screen) in game. The other way to see objectives is to go in the main menu and select objectives in there. I noticed that the 'O' screen shows the back-button overlapping with the last objective text if the objective does have two lines of text. See the image. I've smudged the objective texts to shield you from spoilers, but you should see what I mean. If I look the same objective list in the main menu objective list, the back-button is not overlapping with the text and everything looks neat. I'd say that the 'O' screen and
  3. Nice! I never paid much attention to the render scale option, I assumed it was just something for DPI scaling. We'll still have to grab the screen resolution at startup but everything else should be simplified after that. I'll look at the Windows code for comparison of the logical results. Taking care of this should lead to a better first impression and overall experience on Linux.
  4. Feel free to remove screen resolution change code COMPLETELY and just maximize the window. That's what happens on Windows since a few years ago. The engine now renders 3D in offscreen framebuffer and its dimension is controlled via render scale GUI option. I'm sure the less legacy burden we need to carry on Linux, the better for everyone.
  5. It was easy enough to find the relevant code so I took a first look at this. Here's what I found: On Windows, there's a function to get the current desktop screen resolution and use it on first run. On other platforms that function is a no-op and you end up with an 800x600 resolution by default. Without going into details, this function is called too early in the startup process for it to work on Linux. I've got 2 possible ways to work around this that I'm trying out. The current mode-setting code for choosing a resolution uses the original, old-school X API calls. The
  6. I've actually got the same situation with dual-monitors on my Linux desktop. I was recently reminded that this happens out-of-the-box by wiping settings for the 2.08 beta (where it does still happen). The workaround I've always used is to run it windowed at the full resolution of my monitor. Then (in KDE at least, I'm sure others have similar settings), apply window- or application-specific properties to select a monitor, remove the window border, and disable compositing. This also has the benefit of letting you access your other monitor whenever you open the in-game console. I be
  7. Bit of background first: when I first downloaded TDM v1, I suffered the same symptoms: after the first start or two, the main menu would be always completely black. The music would play, and you could click on the menu options if you moved the invisible mouse cursor to the right spot, but still obviously a game breaking bug. At that time, running the updater fixed the problem, and I figured it was probably a corrupted download. Now the problem is back. Just now I've installed a new FM, and the program rebooted itself to a completely blank black main menu screen. Everything behaves the same w
  8. --> techsupport. Dont know. Please select a low screen resolution, like 800X600, set full screen and restart the game. Test if it get on full screen. If so, set the screen resolution and aspect ratio to your taste. Which screenresolution and aspect ratio do you want to select?
  9. Evening Any of you guys got a dual screen setup, and if so have any of you managed to get TDM/DOOM to reliably open on the second monitor..? - I managed to get working once with ultramon, but it cant be done reliable (as I cant figure out how I got it working) - as I have an Ati card I can install Hydravision, but that randomly mucks about with my windows sizes. Ultramon work fine will ALL non-directX/Direct3D apps, Im hopping there is a way to get windows via an app to force TDM to open on second screen etc.
  10. Solved (sort of)! There is evidently a minor bug in the way skybox tdm_sky_starry1 works with portal sky. The somewhat different tdm_sky_starry2 doesn't suffer it. The bug is not typically visible due to ground structures and clutter. To reproduce the problem: 1) Start a new project, with a hollow box as a room (e.g., 512 units per side) 2) Texture the sides with portal sky, except give the floor a typical (not too dark) texture. 3) Outside the room, create prefab nature/skybox/tdm_sky_starry1.pfb 4) In the room centroid, create entity Lights/sources/atdm_ambient_world. As usual,
  11. Hi i am back again, before i start building my map any further i wanted to play the fms, now the shadows are pitch black no texture visible, i had it before but cannot remember what it was, i think it had something to do with direct x? I searched the forum for the topic that solved my problem but i cannot find the post anymore HELP and it is not bloom i turned it off already. for the rest it runs great, only shadows are pitch black spots where no obj or textures are visible. Ty for your help in advance.
  12. Evening I have borrowed a friend's monitor to test out tri-screen eyefinity on my HD5870, I want to test RTTC at 5040*1050 and see whats its like... he he he ... I know some got TDMN working on 3 screens, but I cant get ot to play nice, whats the settings in the autoexec file thats needs etc..? :-)
  13. Holy hell that many! I tried "Tears of Saint.Lucia" and add no ctd's but i did noticed one thing that I didn't noticed before, the skybox was pitch black! I saw it because the water puddles reflected a starry night and I looked up and saw black. So i take back what I said about having no problems. Also this is more a suggestion when the intro for this mission starts, after some time, a tip could show telling the player how to skip it, telling him to use the action button, why, because I tried to skip with ESC and add to start the mission again.
  14. Good day, As the title suggests or perhaps implies (It certainly doesn't outright reveal) I have a problem, the mod I have been looking forward to for more than a year is unplayable on my system and I have exhausted all avenues which did not involve posting and potentially revealing my ignorance. The following may sound familiar to many of you but I implore you to read carefully before replying as a simple "Read the wiki" reply will reveal more about your ignorance than it will about mine. Detail : When the game loads I can see torches, doors and other items, everything else is black.
  15. I found a bit of a weird work-around for this, that's a bit of a pain to set up but appears to do something. Run TDM from one machine through Steam, stream it to the machine you want to play it on that has a weird aspect - Steam resizes everything to fit the screen of the machine to which TDM is being streamed. I've plugged in an old 4:3 monitor to an old machine and then Steam-streamed it to another machine that is running a monitor at 16:9 and there's no letterboxing as, eg, watching an old TV show from the 80's on a widescreen. There's a little clipping where it's stretched, compared to
  16. Thanks so much for getting back to me regarding this! I was able to grant full permission for the application, however it's still not allowing the installation of maps (both the maps that came downloaded with the game, and the ones that are downloadable via the mission archive). Should I just re-download TDM entirely, following the steps listed on the wiki, or was there another possible solution to try (I checked both my internet access and mirror for the missions, both of which seem fine)? Thanks again for your help with this, freyk! I greatly appreciate it! *Also, here'
  17. But those logfiles dont show any video startuplines. So i keep advising to use the arguments. Its nice to hear you get tdm running, but I (or we) want to see how tdm loads your video driver How about the following command: thedarkmod.exe +condump mylog.txt and post the content op mylog.txt a tutorial to get tdm with startup the arguments running: hit the keyboard combination "windows + r", enter the following line and click on ok: c:\games\darkmod\thedarkmod.exe +condump mylog.txt +quit (assuming thats your location of the darkmod folder) or hit the keyboard combination "windows-key + r" (
  18. Evening Got this issue where when I go to the messaging system to check PM's it always never displays the actual last page of the conversation, which quite frankly is getting beyond annoying.. This effects both FF and IE.
  19. Here are more details as I promised: I've updated darkmod, some little files were downloaded, but I supposed only CRC files, next I started my tests. The failure message always is: Joint 'HIPS' not found for attachment position 'HIPS_SHEATH_L' for entity 'XXX' - where XXX is always some different name of some entity in the map definition. There are two kinds of behaviours: A ) - mission falls off to the difficulty/objectives screen without any message, there is no difficulty choosed, and objectives sheet is empty, you can choose difficulty again and click start mission again, loading sta
  20. I don't know if this has already been said, I could not find anything about it anywhere, and I hope this is the right place to point this out. I found this weird bug in the training mission, where the screen goes crazy if I go underwater when the health is not full. The majority of the screen freezes, and I can only see a smaller screen in the bottom left corner in which I can continue to play. If I return on surface, everything turn back ok, same thing if I cure full health (even underwater). I noticed this in the training mission only, in "Tears of St Lucia", for example, everything goes per
  21. Thanks for testing. This help us too, to help other players in the future on their first-run. Some on the internet say, to also install the vcrun2015 component. Please install it and check it reaction. A black screen with sound is a video problem. You can solve this by change things in the tdm config file or run tdm with start-arguments. Run TDM windowed mode and low screen resolution: make a backup of the file "darkmod.cfg" (by make a copy of it) Then open the file with a texteditor, change the following values and save the file. r_customHeight 600 r_customWidth 800 r_fullscr
  22. hi all! this is my first post here, and i want to congrat. with all of the people who work around this fantastic conversion for d3... ok here is the problem, i've enabled the bloom option, via consolle ( r_bloom 1) . but when i come back to game, the screen is flipped up\down...and all movement are inverted-- anyone have idea? my specs. phenom II 550 -->3.6 Gh ati sapphire hd 4780 1 gb win 7 64 bit thX!!!
  23. If so, then run the tdm-updater (and click "continue"), apostrophe. (because the updater checks the data for maingamedata-corruption. And if there corruption is detected, the updater downloads the original file) I thought that gray screens are opengl loadingscreens, so an opengl video-issue-thingy. -edit- But as a test I renamed tdm_gui01.pk4 to something else (simulating incomplete download). As result i got a black screen and a "invalid gui" error on top. and if i remove some binary codelines of the zip (simulating data corruption), i get a black screen. So i think still, its a video issue.
  24. Hi. Got the mod yesterday. And so far the only real issue ive encountered is when you have entered all the rooms in the tutorial map the game slows down and get choppy, between 5 and 40fps. In the begining i get the constant 60. Every time i open a door the game freezes a few seconds, guessing it needs to load objects. But i dont remember doom 3 freezing when opening doors. Vista-32 4 GB RAM Q9400 Quad 2.66GHz 4870x2 2GB [EDIT] getting something called "Malloc Failure for 699200" whatever that means. could be the white screen i got just now when i tried to start the mod.
  25. Hello I'm new to Dark Mod and I have a problem with the screen. The field of vision behaves strange like I have 360° vision. When I move the mouse, the field of vision is warped. Why is that? How can I turn it off?
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