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  1. Yeah, CTD is "Crash To Desktop"; which is still better than BSD "Blue Screen of Death".
  2. Didn't it used to be that if you failed an objective and the mission ended, that if you brought up the Objectives screen, the failed objective would be marked with a red "X"? Or have I been smoking too much weed? In any case, if the "X" used to be there, it's no longer there in 2.07.
  3. Hi. Got the mod yesterday. And so far the only real issue ive encountered is when you have entered all the rooms in the tutorial map the game slows down and get choppy, between 5 and 40fps. In the begining i get the constant 60. Every time i open a door the game freezes a few seconds, guessing it needs to load objects. But i dont remember doom 3 freezing when opening doors. Vista-32 4 GB RAM Q9400 Quad 2.66GHz 4870x2 2GB [EDIT] getting something called "Malloc Failure for 699200" whatever that means. could be the white screen i got just now when i tried to start the mod.
  4. I can confirm the 2.06 black screen (with sound) on playonmac (playonmac 42.2.0, Wine 3.18, default wine video settings, vcrun2013) And in that container, 2.05 works fine. Given sollutions in this topic, gives my the same bad results. Do we need install something else beside vcrun2013?
  5. Ok, so I did what freyk suggested and installed the "vcrun2013" component. This time, the game will actually launch - the music starts and when I move the mouse around or hit the buttons it is clear that I am "making contact" - but the thing is, the screen is all black. Any further ideas? Btw, thanks a bunch for the help, I really appreciate it!
  6. http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4893 I found a very problematic issue in the engine. I'm running TDM 2.06, 64bit executable, Linux version (openSUSE Tumbleweed x64). The issue is as follows: Previously, if a bad script or definition or missing asset error occurred, TDM would crash back to the main menu and the error would appear in the console. It seems this is no longer the case and something worse happens instead: Errors will now cause the process to freeze, shortly followed by a permanent black screen. The reason why this is annoying is because alt-tab switching still doesn't w
  7. Hi. I've been searching around for help and I've found some similar reports but no solutions. I downloaded TDM yesterday. First time I tried to run it: The game went into fullscreen mode, and my desktop (KDE) was "kind of" showing on the screen- most of the screen was black but a small section of my desktop was all zoomed in and distorted. I could hear the TDM menu options click as I hovered my mouse over them, but could not see any part of the main menu.Googled, someone said to change resolution in the config. So I set r_customWidth and r_customHeight (2560x1440). Saved the config and
  8. Hi guys, first of all, GREAT MOD! You guys did a fantastic job on this. I finally got round to buying Doom 3 so I could try out TDM and it's been excellent. However I have one teething problem: TDM keeps changing my resolution every time I quit a session for some reason. I play TDM on a HDTV at 1280x720 (16:9) but TDM will change the resolution in the config file to 1366x768 every time I quit. This is supremely annoying because the TV doesn't support that resolution and if I forget to edit the config file before I load TDM the next time I play, I won't get a display and the only way to exit
  9. My hardware: AMD x2 3GHz (each) ATI RADEON 4850 HD Win Vista Ultimate with maxed out 3.5GB DDR2 RAM 888MHz Mainboard is an M2N I have the most updated drivers and 1.3.1. Doom as ive checked this while running Doom 3 (which runs just fine) The Game Loads then says "Mission Loaded, Please wait" Then the Game will crash saying Doom 3 has stopped responding and as follows with the signature Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: DOOM3.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 45ad459a Fault Module Name: atioglxx.dll Fault Module Version: Faul
  10. Removing TypeInfo removes the compilation error. A source search for r_legacyTangents finds nothing, so I can't follow this suggestion. Now, a fresh complete build of the binaries yields binaries that don't even get to the point where they display anything on the screen. A check of running applications shows no TDM. If someone could try a build of the latest binaries and show they create working exes, it would be appreciated. Then I can begin to narrow down what's going on at my end. If no one else can get the SVN binaries to run, then whoever's been making the latest source ch
  11. It might have been common knowledge that D3 engine was not VSync friendly. The TDM community consensus was have VSync off for this or other reasons. Since 2.06 however players have more options vsync off, capped fps, old school gameplay with screen tearing vsync on, capped fps, risk of microstuttering vsync on, uncapped fps, (the new recommendation) vsync off, uncapped fps, Q3 style
  12. Thank nbhor1more - I've tried the stuff mentioned in guru3d forums and also spoken with Nvidia about the issue - they've no idea... Ended up fixing the illustrator / photoshop stuff myself while Nahoor was reading the manual... I'll try out the colour depth thing - there's definitely some weird lights that flash up every now and then, in older games. The HDR thing oughtn't be an issue... Getting screen tearing scrolling up and down in browsers or pdfs. Something's definitely weird... Can't figure why stuff is fine in windowed, but not fullscreen. At least black is black, white is white, R
  13. Hi, Guys, I LOVE YOU, okay in a nerdy man way, but OMG thank you so much for making Thief FUN AGAIN. WOOT! Alright, Was playing through Tears tonight, and although it didnt stop me from playing through the level, there was almost always this tiny ....box in the lower left corner of the screen. It would obstruct the view of any weapons that i was selecting and it seemed to update with the visibility crystal in the center of the screen. Just wondering if there was a workaround to get rid of it, or pointing it out if you guys havent encountered it. I'm using a radeon 4850 hd, Intel Quad co
  14. All the PC's are Intel ! The computer I've been playing TDM on for the last few years, has an AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series card with 2 GB Ram The others are equipped with AMD Radeon R7-200 Series with 4 GB Ram. But the result is always the same This missions are not playable : CTD 107) A New Job 1) Tears of Saint.Lucia Training Mission 3) Chalice of Kings 12) Business as Usual. 15) Heart of Lone Salvation 17) The Alchemist 19) TP2 The Beleaguered Fence 30) Talbot 2 Return to the City 32) St. Alban 2 (Cathedral) 33) TP1 The Knighton Manor 34) SW1 Flakebridge Monastery 36) TP4 The Transaction
  15. Hi, This appears to directly affect TDM (or, rather, the "kind of dark mod now"). Win10 pro, v.10.0.15063 Build 15063.726 Nvidia 388.31 (15/11/17 or 11/15/17 for you yanks) - despite this was the same version I already had from October. Win10 updates on this day were KB4849011 and KB4048954 Something about these updates and / or the new Nvidia drivers has seriously up a lot of older games. But made newer games look better... Perhaps in how either DX and/or shader models are being handled. Colour lookup table is not being taken from system - is a "blank canvas". Cannot re-create previou
  16. A month later. TDM is still crashing for me. I updated again and at least the type of crash changed. Now the screen cycles through four brands of "black screen" (black, black-grey, black, black-grey) and then the game crashes with the same error message as before (in the above screenshot), except the grey part is only a smaller square in the corner. I'm down because I haven't been able to play lately.
  17. I get a massive slow down in 2.06 if my screen resolution is not set to the native ratio and im using AA and/or vertical sync. Try disabling vertical sync and AA then try out a few screen resolutions in both windowed and fullscreen. See if that helps. Are you on a laptop? GTX1080 should do fine with TDM.
  18. Hello, everyone! I've done some searches in the forums, and looked in the troubleshooting on the wiki, but there's a problem that's been in Dark Mod for the past version or two that's now prevalent enough for me to log in and report. Not sure if it's an issue with the Dark Mod itself or just one model of light that someone developed and is using in more and more missions, but it's driving me nuts. In several missions, electric lights are used and the tone the game has them emanate...well, I'm supposing it's supposed to be a soft hum, but instead it's a piercingly loud sine wave kind of t
  19. Hello. Since update to 2.07 i´ve played the missions from a to b. I haven´t played all, but i noticed some really strange behavior, which it makes it nearly impossible to play a few levels. I play all levels on hard. Alberiques Curse- The golden book falls through the floor. You can still grab it, but it is "invisible". If you play the level for the first time, it is impossible to get it. For try i restarted the mission and rushed there. In front of me the book fall through the bottom of the altar. King of Diamonds- Two hard crashes. Hard restart from pc. To get in the attic you need a
  20. I would expect both approaches have roughly similar speed in general, with the exception that stencil shadows are culled to light screen size projection while shadow maps are usually fixed in size. E.g. when player is a room fully lit by a couple lights (Officer Lounge in Fence) stencil light will draw in full screen size twice, while shadow map could draw in 512x512 buffer. But then player is in the street with many small lights stencil could draw each light in a screen region as small as dozens of pixels, while shadow map is still 512x512 (not that there's no way to add LOD's to that as well
  21. Thanks for replying. I was running darkmod.x86 on a 32bit OS (as I mentioned). Have tried the 64bit version on a 64bit OS and it is no different. I do need to set the screen resolution when running full-screen else it locks up. The Darkmod.cfg must be an older one I reverted to after playing with settings. With the correct resolution the main menu displays (on linux, but not XP), but I cannot install a mission. It doesn't crash, it just won't let me start a mission.
  22. On a TDM where DbtR isn't already installed ... I only see one version on the in-game download screen, dated Sept 25 2016. When I select "More", it says it's version 3. When I download it in-game, it describes itself as version 3. There's no version number on the load screen. Once I start the mission, missions.tdminfo has this entry in it: tdm_missioninfo river{"downloaded_version" "3""last_play_date" "2016-10-26"} On a TDM where DbtR v1 is already installed, and I've played it, missions.tdminfo has this entry in it: tdm_missioninfo river{"downloaded_version" "1""last_play_date
  23. Ok, I can reproduce it on my machine on 2.06 x64 build. I simply set "Fullscreen" to "No", then "Screen Size" to something like "1280x720" and click "Restart Game". It restarts and shows a properly sized window initially (for half a second), but then it quickly switches back to fullscreen with original resolution. If I stop the game and then start it freshly, it also does the same: switches to fullscreen. Indeed, the game is alt-tabbable. But it covers full screen and it is not possible to see it alongside other stuff, e.g. DR. This happens for me only when r_useFBO and antialiasing are
  24. Hello. Sometimes when I jump in the water, 3/4 of the screen is "captured" in a freeze frame while the lower left 1/4 continues to show what's actually happening to me. This seems to have an approx. 50/50 chance of happening every time I dive into the drink. I am not quite sure what is causing it. I have attached a summary of my system specs and graphics hardware to this post. I am using the latest TDM version (2.07). GFX Info.pdf System Info.pdf
  25. Heya, I've been playing this great mission by Goldwell and while it was really enjoyable, I've encountered a few minor bugs(at least I hope they're minor O_O), and a major one. 1.) There is a safe in the office of the third floor(one with lion head ornament), which contains some loot. I was able to pick up all of it except a single purse with some spilled coins. No matter which angle I tried, couldn't pick it up for some reason, even after restarting TDM few times. 2.) There is an optional objective of putting a certain orb into a cauldron. Apparently, it should start some sort of cutscene
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