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  1. Evening I have borrowed a friend's monitor to test out tri-screen eyefinity on my HD5870, I want to test RTTC at 5040*1050 and see whats its like... he he he ... I know some got TDMN working on 3 screens, but I cant get ot to play nice, whats the settings in the autoexec file thats needs etc..? :-)
  2. Hi i am back again, before i start building my map any further i wanted to play the fms, now the shadows are pitch black no texture visible, i had it before but cannot remember what it was, i think it had something to do with direct x? I searched the forum for the topic that solved my problem but i cannot find the post anymore HELP and it is not bloom i turned it off already. for the rest it runs great, only shadows are pitch black spots where no obj or textures are visible. Ty for your help in advance.
  3. Good day, As the title suggests or perhaps implies (It certainly doesn't outright reveal) I have a problem, the mod I have been looking forward to for more than a year is unplayable on my system and I have exhausted all avenues which did not involve posting and potentially revealing my ignorance. The following may sound familiar to many of you but I implore you to read carefully before replying as a simple "Read the wiki" reply will reveal more about your ignorance than it will about mine. Detail : When the game loads I can see torches, doors and other items, everything else is black.
  4. Evening Got this issue where when I go to the messaging system to check PM's it always never displays the actual last page of the conversation, which quite frankly is getting beyond annoying.. This effects both FF and IE.
  5. hi all! this is my first post here, and i want to congrat. with all of the people who work around this fantastic conversion for d3... ok here is the problem, i've enabled the bloom option, via consolle ( r_bloom 1) . but when i come back to game, the screen is flipped up\down...and all movement are inverted-- anyone have idea? my specs. phenom II 550 -->3.6 Gh ati sapphire hd 4780 1 gb win 7 64 bit thX!!!
  6. Hi. Got the mod yesterday. And so far the only real issue ive encountered is when you have entered all the rooms in the tutorial map the game slows down and get choppy, between 5 and 40fps. In the begining i get the constant 60. Every time i open a door the game freezes a few seconds, guessing it needs to load objects. But i dont remember doom 3 freezing when opening doors. Vista-32 4 GB RAM Q9400 Quad 2.66GHz 4870x2 2GB [EDIT] getting something called "Malloc Failure for 699200" whatever that means. could be the white screen i got just now when i tried to start the mod.
  7. Hi guys, first of all, GREAT MOD! You guys did a fantastic job on this. I finally got round to buying Doom 3 so I could try out TDM and it's been excellent. However I have one teething problem: TDM keeps changing my resolution every time I quit a session for some reason. I play TDM on a HDTV at 1280x720 (16:9) but TDM will change the resolution in the config file to 1366x768 every time I quit. This is supremely annoying because the TV doesn't support that resolution and if I forget to edit the config file before I load TDM the next time I play, I won't get a display and the only way to exit
  8. My hardware: AMD x2 3GHz (each) ATI RADEON 4850 HD Win Vista Ultimate with maxed out 3.5GB DDR2 RAM 888MHz Mainboard is an M2N I have the most updated drivers and 1.3.1. Doom as ive checked this while running Doom 3 (which runs just fine) The Game Loads then says "Mission Loaded, Please wait" Then the Game will crash saying Doom 3 has stopped responding and as follows with the signature Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: DOOM3.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 45ad459a Fault Module Name: atioglxx.dll Fault Module Version: Faul
  9. Hi, Guys, I LOVE YOU, okay in a nerdy man way, but OMG thank you so much for making Thief FUN AGAIN. WOOT! Alright, Was playing through Tears tonight, and although it didnt stop me from playing through the level, there was almost always this tiny ....box in the lower left corner of the screen. It would obstruct the view of any weapons that i was selecting and it seemed to update with the visibility crystal in the center of the screen. Just wondering if there was a workaround to get rid of it, or pointing it out if you guys havent encountered it. I'm using a radeon 4850 hd, Intel Quad co
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