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Found 1 result

  1. This is a bug that occurs on current (29 Jan 2013, rev. 5694) SVN code. Proposed solutions are in this post. It's probably related to: 0002811: Font loading does not fall back to English http://bugs.angua.at/view.php?id=2811 Reproduction: After changing language to polish and restarting TDM, the following happens: SetupFonts() in idDeviceContext::Init() can't find fonts for polish language. It does not fall back to loading english fonts. Lack of ANY fonts loaded causes a crash while loading GUI (in idDeviceContext::SetFontByScale() exactly). I've attached the stack trace. I have three solutions for this problem: 1. I've attaches a patch (I18N.cpp.patch.txt). However: - it uses a hard coded value "fonts/english", - it requires #str_04127 to be translated properly for all languages with their own fonts - this is actually an advantage, IMHO. 2. I've also attached an alternative patch (DeviceContext.cpp.patch.txt) that solves this problem. It also uses a hard coded value "fonts/english", and is not as good as the first one. 3. Third solution is to require for translation of #str_04127 to be present in all languages that do not have their own fonts. Translations such as Polish have to be fixed. I actually think that the first solution is the best one, because it's the most bullet-proof (no risk of crashes, ever). (I wanted to edit the original issue, but I don't have permission.) stacktrace.txt DeviceContext.cpp.patch.txt I18N.cpp.patch.txt
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