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Found 1 result

  1. A recent bad experience has left you with an urgent need to leave the city. You received an offer from a fence who has a way to smuggle you out, but you've got to do to a job for him first. Tonight you will be meeting him in the sewers to find out more details. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJS9Qm1i6jM The Accountant: Part 1 - A Noble Home (prologue) By Goldwell & Bikerdude CREDITS Many thanks to everyone on the TDM forum you guys are amazing and without your help this map would not be finished! Special Thanks: Dominus for the splash screen Sotha for the rain optimizations Aryx for the night time window effects Arcturus for the water droplets Moonbo for script revision Deadlove for reverb effects to audio Bikerdude for blinging things up! Crowind for creating the intro video Betatesters: Airship Ballet, Deadlove, Bikerdude Voice Actors: Goldwell Music: Whispers of sorrow by Bluedark Sound effects from Freesound.org: D W (136971), axiyee (79078) Tristan (18413), cubicApocalypse (195507), stk13 (121329) Jovica (82938), mwirth (137174), knova (169668) PatrickLieberkind (213083), ninebilly (173014) acclivity (32839), baryy (163418) jorickhoofd (160048), sangtao (189664) Bubbling cauldron - Mike Koenig Available via the in-game downloader. Filesize: 22.4 mb
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