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Found 1 result

  1. While i`m waitin for some PM`s to be answered ( ) I got the idea for an internal achievement-system. Not that " Dark Conqueror 50g", "hit the light`s 10g" or "Black Jack 5g" - console crap. After a player finished a map the summary of his mission will be displayed on an official table if he is registered to it, with an overall ranking. A little side -effect could be, that a registered user will be informed about latest updates and patches and so on, without need digging through the TDM-forum. new domain/subdomain: www.TDM-loot.com ...something like that. I think this could be raise the level of replayability the DARK MOD got already. If I see SOTHA (f.e.) got all the vases and jewelry but only 950 Gold instead of 1000 possible but without killing somebody, i can try to overtrump him avoiding blackjack anybody and get ALL the Loot and therefore raise in the overall ranking. The ranking-thing can be an option in the TDM -menue. If enabled it would show a little login/register window. Thats it. This idea comes up while I read the idea to a bank heist-mission with increased difficulty-level. Before you think "Yes yes ! Michael seems to be banged by his grass. " 1. I don`t smoke at all. 2. This achievement thing sometimes works even for me. It would be somekind of competition and emphasise the reward-feeling. It`s just an idea......so don`t kill me
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