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Found 1 result

  1. Hello dear stealth enthusiasts, I am an independent game developer, fan of Thief and Deus Ex. I founded Wild Mage Games 2 years ago, and since then I have been working on a first-person adventure game for PC. My game is not a pure stealth game, but since its stealth gameplay is directly inspired by Thief the 1st, I thought some of you may be interested. The game is still in development, and should be released at the end of 2017. I will really be pleased to have your feedbacks . :-) Overview Almost Epic Adventures : The Goblin's Week is a first person adventure-exploration game where you play a goblin minion working for an evil dungeon master within a satirical fantasy world. [VIDEO] The game is now on Steam Greenlight. You can support me by voting for it here: Story You are a goblin who has just been hired for a week as a minion in a dungeon, for a salary of a thousand gold coins. You will have to perform various missions for the Master, such as sweeping the floor, repairing traps, looting dead adventurers, without dying. It is especially forbidden to snoop into the dungeon and to investigate its terrible secrets. Features - Play a Goblin working for an evil mage in an epic* adventure like you never lived before, and discover the joys of dungeon maintenance. (*almost) - Discover an original satirical dark fantasy world filled with humorous dialogues, characters, and objects. - Explore a dangerous dungeon full of hidden paths, secret rooms, and mysteries. - Investigate what is happening in the dungeon. Sneak in forbidden places, avoid deadly traps, read confidential journals, and discover terrible secrets. - The simulation-based mechanics and the complex and open level design offers multiple paths and solutions. - The game mechanics are inspired from Amnesia - The Dark Descent (for the exploration gameplay), Thief (for the stealth gameplay) and Deus Ex (for the systemic gameplay). Images More Informations The game is made for PC (Linux, Windows). For more informations, I invite you to look at the presentation page, which is much more detailed : https://www.wildmagegames.com/goblin/ Follow me If you are interested in this project, I strongly encourage you to subscribe to the Newsletter, and/or to follow me on Diaspora *, Facebook, or Twitter. Wild Mage Games https://framasphere.org/u/wildmagegames Wild Mage Games on Twitter Wild Mage Games on Facebook
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