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Found 1 result

  1. After several months of working on this project, I'm happy to finally announce the release of my anthro character set for The Dark Mod! The package contains anthropomorphic characters for use in fan missions, with which artists can include furries as part of their story. Below is the repository, as well as a short FAQ describing the mod in more detail. GitHub repository How do I install the mod?The character set is meant to be used with fan missions. To include it, first clone the GitHub repository mentioned above somewhere on your drive. Then simply copy all of the directories into the root directory of your FM (eg: darkmod/fms/myfm/). You should now be able to find the characters in DarkRadiant under the AI section and add them to your map! What characters are included?There are 5 species, 7 overall fur patterns, 3 character definitions per race, plus male and female versions of each person. Races include wolves, foxes, leopards, squirrels, rabbits. Voices, personalities, as well as other traits were carefully tweaked to match each character as closely as possible. What license is the mod, and who are the authors?The initial model and texture were created by Untied Verbeger, who publicizes his works under the CC0 license. As such, the anthro models and textures are themselves licensed under CC0 / PD. The characters included were based on his wolf model, to which I made several fixes and contributions in the past. Obviously it's meant to work with other assets in TDM, which have their own licenses (typically CC-BY-NC-SA). The original model and authors can be found on Blendswap at: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/79735 http://www.blendswap.com/user/Verbeger http://www.blendswap.com/user/MirceaKitsune Wait... so was this made by furries?The mod was put together by me (MirceaKitsune) and I am indeed a furry. I chose to clarify this as I'd like to avoid negative remarks on the aspect; This is a contribution I made with enthusiasm and attention to detail for The Dark Mod, same as all contributions done by other artists in the TDM community. I've spent a lot of time adapting the mesh, rigging it, creating the materials, setting up definitions, and testing against long loading times. I don't care whether someone has a negative opinion of the furry community, but please respect the work that was put into this project at least. How can I support the mod?Although the mod itself is released under a free license, I won't accept financial contributions, in order to respect the wish of the community for The Dark Mod to not be used commercially. The most important way in which you can support my mod is to use it: If you're a fantasy mission creator who is a fan of anthro characters, include this into your FM and add the characters to your world! Also, if you notice any bugs or wish to improve something, feel free to inform me or send me your contribution or open a pull request on GitHub. Lastly, if you believe the characters might match the theme and quality standards needed for inclusion, support adding them to The Dark Mod!
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