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  1. Hey guys, So i have an issue that keeps happening, and after investigating all the logic possibilities, i have not clue what this is about. First, there is a room that all the inside walls appear void when looking from outside of it. When i get inside, the surfaces are rendered, but the place i come from becomes void (black). I removed ALL the visportals from that region. (From outside) (From inside- Lighting adjusted) Second, a wall used by 2 rooms also becomes invisible, but you can see the inside of the rooms from outside. When inside these rooms, everything is just fine. Then again, no visportals. Any clues? Thanks!
  2. I'm using the Logitech G930 7.1 Surround Sound headset and can't get the game to recognise it. When I click the Surround Sound setting I get this message: "UNABLE TO LOCATE 3D AUDIO - SURROUND SPEAKERS NOT FOUND - MAKE SURE THE SPEAKER SETTINGS ARE CONFIGURED PROPERLY IN THE WINDOWS CONTROL PANEL" A fix for this would be awesome.
  3. Started playing TDM this week and I've got to say it is damn awesome. Although there is one problem: For me to see anything at all outside of direct torch light in TDM itself I need to set the Gamma and Brightness values relatively high. When I end the game those values are not reset and my desktop is blindingly bright, so every time after closing the game I need to open my settings and readjust the values. I am playing TDM on debian testing and a NVidia GeForce GTS 250. I normally run the game from a terminal and the last line is always a memory access error. If I should be reporting bugs elsewhere I am very sorry and thankful for directions. [Edit]Urgh, I just now saw the support forum. Obviously I am blind.
  4. Hey Guys, Ive just a small query concerning bug reports for Fan Missions ! Is there a centralised place for reporting bugs, problems , improvements for a fan mission or do you need to contact the author directly and if so is there any way to easily find contact information for the author. ? The reason I ask is while playing through Saint Lucia I noticed a few minor 'immersion' breaking instances but didn't note them down. I'm now on my second mission 'A Night To Remember' by Fieldmedic and have encountered two issues. The first is while in the trophy room I crouched between a spear stand and a chair just to the right of the fireplace and got stuck there ! I could turn but not move away from the wall. It was like i was stuck to the chair or to the wall. Ultimately I reloaded my saved position which had to be in that position only to find i was still stuck ! I resolved the problem by using the mantle option to climb onto the chair but i think this needs to be addressed. ! The second issue was while outside the Master Bedroom. I noticed that the ghost or headless apparition had somehow become stuck on the protruding lamp mounted on the wall to the left of the double door leading into the Master Bedroom. It was continuing to walk but was not moving ! A minor adjustment of the NPC path may resolve this. So that's it . I have an eye for detail and small issues like this really spoil the experience for me. I want perfection ! I also realise the great amount of time and effort has gone into these Fan Missions and can see how small issues such as these can be overlooked. However I still respect all that has been achieved.
  5. Hey guys I have been drooling over this mod for quite some time and after finnally picking Doom 3 up on steam I downloaded the installer and got going on the training mission. With the only performance issue being the entering of new areas this problem started up a couple days after I got the mod installed. I was just starting to play the Saint Lucia mission when all of a sudden my game went back to main menu. Now I was already playing the mission just yesterday but when I went to load my quick save it would throw me back into the main menu with my sound volume cut out as well. If I try and reload it doing this from total mission start (through the intro and starting gear menu) I get this error popping up after the game fails to load... "Joint 'Hips' not found for attachment position 'hip_stealth_l' on entity 'eman1' Not sure what is causing this but I figured I would post it and see what may be the answer to fixing it. EDIT: Had to make sure but I also found out after restarting my PC that it also effected my PC's brightness level to the screen. Had to restart to get it back to normal otherwise it was really dark after encountering this problem. Alright even later on, after some more testing I found that only the training mission works and all other missions have the same loadfail problem.
  6. I have a saved game on the Tears of St. Lucia where an invisible scroll is open and can't be closed. I can move about but can't attack or change weapon or item. Save download: http://steamreview.org/external/darkmod/scroll_bug.zip The buggy scroll started out on top of the bookshelf to the left of the reading Hammer monk.
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