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Found 2 results

  1. Quick FAQ: What is this thread for ? It is for discussing the narrative elements of a fan mission you're working on, and how they tie into the gameplay and technical aspects of the mission. If you're stuck with developing the plot for your FM, or are unsure of how to continue, or have the feeling your writing is not up to snuff, you can always seek advice in this thread. Why did you start this in the Editor's Guild ? Truth be told, I was seriously considering starting this thread in the I Want to Help subforum, but then I noticed (and realised) that most of th
  2. Hey there folks, been lurking these forums for some time, but I haven't been very active with my posting. Now, however, I am collecting ideas and technical details for a (hopefully) FM of my own. I have casual experience with a few different engines (Source, UnrealEd, CryEngine 2) and I understand the basic concepts of scripting. I've always been interested in making some Thief-like game to try out different gameplay elements I've been thinking of, and I got really happy when I saw that you guys managed to get TDM working standalone. Primarily my plan is to focus on sound and music as the ma
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