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Found 1 result

  1. TDM contains three weapons: The blackjack, the sword, and the bow. Since the main focus is stealth rather than combat, and each weapon has its well defined purpose, I believe this is a good setup which shouldn't be heavily changed. At the same time however, I find the existing weapons a bit monotonic and rigid, and you get used to them pretty soon. Another problem is that the AI can wield a few more weapons compared to players... for instance, guards use either a sword or a hammer, but there's no hammer for the player. It's occasionally disappointing to find objects around the world that look like weapons, but using them only lets you move them around, not actually equip them. So I wanted to suggest a modification, which new maps could use to make weapons more varied without changing their meaning. The idea is to have not three fixed weapons (blackjack + sword + bow) but instead three categories of weapons (melee knockout + melee lethal + arrow launcher). By default, they would of course be occupied by the existing weapons, so normal behavior doesn't change. However, mappers could define objects in the world that match each category, and can be swapped with the weapon of that type the player is already carrying. Alternatively, there could simply be a limited number of weapon and arrow slots, which players can fill with whatever they wish in any order they desire... but this might require heavier changes and different inventory handling, and I'm not sure if missions could define their own weapons entirely. In regard to functionality, different weapons could have slightly different traits. For example: A short sword could swing more often but deals less damage, while a long sword would "refire" slower but cause more harm. Being longer, a long sword could also block a greater amount of damage when parring attacks. To compensate, a short sword could draw less attention when held (1 less light-gem level increase). Some maps could also offer a wooden crossbow, which replaces the existing bow when picked up. It of course works with all arrow types, but can shoot further and reload faster. Random practical example: The player begins a mission and starts with the existing default weapons. At some point however, they find a crowbar in an obscure area on a street. If clicking this crowbar to use it, the player drops the blackjack and replaces it with the crowbar on the same slot (key #1). The crowbar works exactly like the blackjack and knocks players out, but could have slightly different traits in comparison... such as a slightly longer range (advantage) but making a bit of noise and potentially attracting attention if other enemies are nearby (disadvantage). To be clear: I'm not suggesting this because I consider the existing weapons or balance bad, quite the contrary! I just think that having the same 3 weapons all the time, in contrast to such a complex and varied world, gets a bit boring and limited. Since TDM is so much about interacting with your environment, finding and using more variations of the existing weapon types would add an extra fun element. Overall, a more flexible weapon system of some sort might be welcome. Would anyone else like this in some form, and do any of the developers agree with such an idea?
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