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Found 9 results

  1. Quick FAQ: What is this thread for ? It is for discussing the narrative elements of a fan mission you're working on, and how they tie into the gameplay and technical aspects of the mission. If you're stuck with developing the plot for your FM, or are unsure of how to continue, or have the feeling your writing is not up to snuff, you can always seek advice in this thread. Why did you start this in the Editor's Guild ? Truth be told, I was seriously considering starting this thread in the I Want to Help subforum, but then I noticed (and realised) that most of the FM development threads are in the Editor's Guild anyway. So, I decided to rather start this discussion over here, in order to avoid making it "orphaned". But I have a really minor storytelling question... Is it still okay to ask about it here ? Of course it is ! This is practically the only "official" thread on narrative design we have now, so feel free to ask about anything that's primarily related to the storytelling or characters of your FM, and so on... Do we already have any useful resources on narrative and storytelling design ? Oh, certainly. The Story and Plot Design article on our wiki, contributed by demagogue. You should definitely give it a read. Any other threads or articles you might recommend ? Sotha's Mission Design Tips article is also just as helpful as demagogue's (and quite entertaining in places). There's also the Inspiration Thread, providing mostly visual inspiration for FM building, and the Historical resources article, providing links and bibliography for topics related to period living and social history that could influence an FM's design and events. If you find any more in that vein, feel free to recommend them here, and I'll add them to an impromptu list. ---- Ladies and gentlemen, the thread is your's. ---- (Last updated: 18 April 2018)
  2. Inn Business It's business, at an inn, over three nights. Development screenshots: Download: https://drive.google...dit?usp=sharing Update 1.48 uploaded March 8th, 2014, one change: patches key rarely not being frobable in one of its possible spots Big thanks to my beta testers: Airship Ballet, Kyyrma and AluminumHaste! Development supporters of note: Sotha, Springheel and Obsttorte. Also thanks Sotha, for urinating in my mission. ;-) And thanks Kyyrma for the title screen! My appreciation to all forum/wiki contributors, without whom, this wouldn't exist. Thanks to positive commenters on my previous mission too, extra motivation helps! :-) Note this uses campaign features, what you use the first night, impacts subsequent nights. And to quote a tester, "...the level is maybe best experienced in more than one sitting". If you do pause between nights, please be sure to save, you can't begin partway through effectively. (If you accidentally start a night you already completed, just fail the kill objective to switch to another night.) If your frame rates are too low facing the cemetery, please reduce your "Object Details LOD" setting. It was designed with "AI Vision" set to "Forgiving", to be able to sneak through with minimal reactions, if you want more/less, adjust your settings accordingly. There are several random, conditional aspects, and ways of going about things, so others might have slightly different experiences. Post here if you discover hidden objectives for extra points! My condolences to loot completionists, I made a bit on the third night hard, you've got your challenge cut out for you! Speaking of which, there's a TDM bug that mission complete totals too high, here are the real amounts per night: 2026/970/202. Oh, there is something that in the U.S. would be rated PG, in case you play with kids in earshot. I hope you enjoy playing it, feel free to let me know you did, and I'm glad to respond to inquiries (like how stuff was done, nothing was scripted). (Note which night you are referring to if it's something specific.) (Please remember spoiler tags to not expose things meant to be discovered by playing.) Like so: [spoiler]secrets[/spoiler] Developed for TDM 2.01. PS: Thiefette, good news, no spiders! Springheel, if you find an optional objective you can skip...you might find it immersion breaking. Others, no undead! There are a couple other interactive critters though. :-) Edit note: Some posts below were from users of an unreleased version of TDM 2.02 which broke several things, they do not reflect regular game-play.
  3. We didn't make the holidays (such a busy time of year) so here's a New Year's gift, an unusual little mission. Window of Opportunity Recover an item for a regretful trader out in a wilderness setting, and discover more! Available within the in-game mission downloader or: Download: http://www.thedarkmo...ndetails/?id=79 Alternative: https://drive.google...WTMzQXZtMVFBSG8 Some unorthodox gameplay on regular/ghost difficulties. (Arachnophobes might prefer short mode...) Please expect to need your lantern in regular and ghost modes! Short ("easy") mode is a smaller map, so if you are looking for areas others reference below, or 100% of the loot, you'll need to play on another mode. I wanted to create my first mission before I became influenced by too many others' ideas, and limited myself to what has been done before. As such, this mission is not set in a city/town, and has some features that are likely to be provocative. There's a section some really like, which others don't, either way I kept it short to not last too long. That being said, I hope you do find it fun! :-) Special thanks to those who provided valuable testing and feedback: Goldwell, Kyyrma, plotzzz, 161803398874989, PPoe & Bikerdude (who also contributed a sound). (Please remember spoiler tags to not expose things meant to be discovered by playing.) Like so: [spoiler]secrets[/spoiler] If you are having trouble finding the main objective, here's what to pay attention to in the mission for hints: There is a spot it's possible to get stuck on the ground in the corner by the cliff/rockfall where there's a rope laying on the ground, please take care if you poke around there!
  4. Hidden Hands: Initiation Download via the ingame downloader. Latest update is version 3 (released 16/02/2021) Explore Blackstone Island to become a full-fledged member of the “Hidden Hands”! General: TDM version: 2.06 EFX: yes Play time: ca. 5 – 7 hours (depending on play style and difficulty settings) Type: island with several sections (manor, sewers, cabin, bank, graveyard, church and crypts) Enemies: guards, thieves, spiders, mages and extra-natural entities Known problems: 1. The noblewoman sitting in the pavilion can sometimes not be knocked out without failing the mission in general; decent thieves should leave her alone anyway. (version 1 and version 2) 2. If combination locks do not work when using correct codes, then please go to Settings - Gameplay - and change the option "Open doors on unlock" to the value "yes". (version 1) Gameplay differences (apart from changes in the objectives list): Easy: Less enemies, less lights, many light switches Medium: More enemies, alternative AI routes, more lights, some light switches Hard: Even more enemies, alternative AI routes, even more lights, less light switches Development: Build time: November 2017 – November 2018 Beta testing: November/December 2018 Beta testers: Boiler’s_hiss (aka “The Architect’s Darling”) s.urfer (aka “The Punisher”) Cambridge Spy Abusimplea Performance checks: Duzenko Contributors: - ERH+ arranged/created the setup for the puzzle in Adrian's Crypt - I don't understand what he did exactly (alchemy?), but it works as it should. - Destined provided a custom skin for an interior module and wrote a new definition for the spider bots, enabling those beasts to move through tunnels. - Joebarnin provided a fix to make the combination locks work. - Amadeus revised and edited all in-game readables, maps, and signs. He created the final mission title "Hidden Hands: Initiation" as well as gave some special items heroic names, such as "Axe of Fury" or "Orb of Will". - Grayman fixed the frobbing problems with the hidden wall safe and combination lock. Pilfered items: - Floating boat setup and thief's message box re-created from maps originally developed by Bikerdude. - Patch section with rocks and vegetation surrounding the graveyard originally developed and arranged by Sotha for one of his missions. - Frobbox booster re-created from a map originally developed by Grayman. Special thanks to: - Springheel, Sotha, and Fidcal for the tutorials. Great work from all of you! - Destined, Grayman, ERH+, and Springheel for patiently answering my questions via PM. - Boiler’s_hiss for the hint how to change the church roof section - nbohr1more for moral support during a critical phase of the map development - Duzenko for improvement tips - all others not mentioned here who answered my questions in the Newbie thread or via PM. All new ambient music and sound effects written, performed and mixed by Jack Farmer. "S.urfer's Lament" (.ogg filename: "easyexit") featuring MC Deickler on the drums. More pictures:
  5. After a long time and a lot of delays, I'm extremely happy and relieved to announce the release date for my first map; Lords & Legacy, on Friday the 30th of August, 2013! Lords & Legacy v.2.1 Resume: Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/Lj8UJ#0 Notes: Build time: 2013/03/30 - 2013/08/30 To install, simply put the .pk4 file in your fm folder and install from the in-game mission menu. It is a large mission with optional objectives, so make sure to save often. The ropes in the beginning have a 'slick' surface, to simulate being 'slack lines'. They are difficult, but once you get a hang of the slide they can be fun. A couple of the large areas can be a bit rough on performance, and can be improved by adjusting the LOD slider in video options. A few of visportals open only when you get close. This is to keep the frames smooth inside the respective building, due to early inexperienced design. If you find any bugs which affect the gameplay experience, then you're very welcome to post them here, but please use the spoiler tags. Big thanks to 'Obsttorte', 'Springheel', 'Greyman', 'Bikerdude', 'Sotha' and rest of 'The Dark Mod Team'for all the help, guides and tricks. Also thanks to the other TDM users who provided fantastic support and feedback during the build. Thank you for beta-testing: 'Bikerdude', 'TylerVocal', 'Simplen00b', 'nbohr1more', 'Briareos H.' Special thanks to: 'Danus', 'Dsx' & 'Stanleh' for testing, help and support. v.2.0.1 changelog: Bugs: -The "Master Thief" challenge was impossible to do for a while, due to incorrect values. Fixed. -Getting seen by "The Killer" now also fails the "Ghost" challenge. -The 3 cardplaying guards no longer float mid air, as their chairs are now nailed to the floor. -Fixed the sound of the furnace continuing after the flames were extinguished. -Fixed weird glittering on the power cables around the map. -Fixed some moonlight popping in and out. -Fixed openable windows in Commons, clipping into the frame. -Fixed a book dropping through a desk. -Fixed visportals closing too close in Lancel's Tower, slight hit on performance though. -Added more monsterclip to Service Tower and Robert's Tower's entrance. -Improved a few vis_portals with func_portals. -Replaced curbs in Slums and Commons with some more detailed versions and changed textures. And a lot more little unecessary tweaks. Gameplay: -Added new challenge: (Jack White) - Do not knock-out anyone. -Reduced the amount of starting gear, depending on difficulty. -Added cubemaps to most windows on the map. -Redid most func_statics in Commmons Quarter to reduce tris and increase performance. Draw count is still somewhat high. -Removed all transparent windows as they didn't have actual gameplay value, just a performance drain in exchange for glitchy visuals. -Lancel's safe can no longer be picked. Find the key! -Added a couple minor cosmetic details in the sewers. -Moved a coinpurse from a wealthy commoner's sleeping butt to his nightside table. Also adjusted his furniture so thieves can better move around. -Changed sounds for several doors across the map. Once again, a big thanks to 'Bikerdude' for taking the time help out and locate room for improvement! v.2.0 changelog: Bugs: -Fixed various textures and surfaces and a few minor tweaks. -Tweaked some sounds to be in line with TDM 2.0 changes. -Fixed 2 certain AIs being too sensitive rather than drunk. (Thanks to AluminumHaste!) -Tweaked LOD on some objects, to prevent windows "popping" in and out. Gameplay: -Added more monsterclip to the towers, so the AI can now run up and down stairs. Only the stairs in the small tower has issues still. -Added more monsterclip in the city so the guards can follow you up all stairs. -Added a few minor details. -Windows in the city now dims sound, resulting in less aggro from guards and more convincing soundscape. -Reduced 'draw calls' in all the large areas, increasing performance. The map is still heavy at certain areas. Another big thanks to 'Bikerdude' and 'Greyman', for taking time out of their own schedules to help optimize the map's draw count and other significant adjustements! v.1.0.3 changelog: Bugs: -Fixed 4 black chairs in one of the towers -Fixed a floating painting -Fixed several clipping objects v.1.0.2 changelog: Bugs: -Fixed zfighting in the library's bookshelves -Fixed a black window in one of the towers -Fixed several typos in readables Gameplay: v.1.0.1 changelog: Bugs: -Fixed an issue with the main objectives not being in "sync". -Fixed console spam from a script Gameplay: -Adjusted required loot for each difficulty from "3000, 4000 and 5000" to "2500, 3500 and 4500".
  6. Hey guys So I finally got around to working on some TDM material over at my site, and thought I'd share what I have with anyone who might be interested. To start, I decided to review and present a walkthrough of the Training Mission. This may be of use to beginners, wanting to know more about the game, and it also helped me familiarize myself with The Dark Mod before delving into actual missions. The video walkthrough is uploading as I type this and should be up on my channel soon. Until then, you can always read my brief review of the mission, award the mission your own rating, and generally help me improve for the subsequent review and walkthrough. I truly hope you guys like it, and I'll be sure to update this thread with more content links if you do. Thank you, and enjoy! Training Mission (Review): http://themasterfoundry.com/review/tdm-fm-training-mission/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUqhpNTf1Yg
  7. A pleasant weekend to all. I have currently gone back to working on the layout, structural and plot design for the FMs I am making. Nothing to do with DarkRadiant, a basic prototype of a mission I have is currently on hold while I plan out more of the specifics. As I was thinking about the mission I plan to finish and release first, all that pondering brought me to the following questions: What sort of plots, themes and settings could we feature more often in shorter fan missions ? Are there any elements in shorter FMs that repeat a little too often and could be replaced with something less well-trodden ? (Not necessarily original, there isn't much new stuff under the sun.) Creating short or shorter FMs is often encouraged in our community, especially for newbie authors (for practice reasons) and to the benefit of newbie players (a shorter mission can still be complex and also provide a bite-sized experience to an inexperienced player, before they try the longer and harder stuff). As a newbie author, I'd like to know what sort of elements could help a shorter FM stand out, and still remain a coherent, more accessible FM, even for someone totally new to playing TDM. Thank you kindly, all of you, for any advice on this.
  8. Hello there! I'm putting the finishing touches on my first full fan mission, with the goal of putting it on my portfolio. Because I want this to be the best example of my work, could you guys give me some feedback on my current build? I want to finish this up soon, but still want to get one last round of critique in. So: Nothing's Sacred In this mission, the player is tasked with stealing a religious artifact from Baron Magnus, a devout Builder who has amassed his wealth from shipping. Magnus is keeping it somewhere in his manor, a former Builder church that he's repurposed into his estate. Some notes: I'm mainly looking for feedback on the environment and decoration. Art has been one of my weaker skills for a while, so I've spent the past couple months solely working on this aspect of the level so I can get some practice. For that matter, feedback on use of sound would be helpful as well. Design feedback is welcome, too, though at this stage major changes to the level layout would be a logistical nightmare. I'll gladly take advice, it's just that some of that might need to be put into the "For Next Time" folder. Please also keep in mind that this is supposed to be an easier level, with a fairly linear beginning that covers the basics before branching out further on (think the intro mission from Thief II). Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6PSlQNxhtKoRFFsSG9SNFpaNFU/view?usp=sharing Feel free to post your feedback below, or email me at thefakejaredmitchell [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you very much!
  9. A recent bad experience has left you with an urgent need to leave the city. You received an offer from a fence who has a way to smuggle you out, but you've got to do to a job for him first. Tonight you will be meeting him in the sewers to find out more details. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJS9Qm1i6jM The Accountant: Part 1 - A Noble Home (prologue) By Goldwell & Bikerdude CREDITS Many thanks to everyone on the TDM forum you guys are amazing and without your help this map would not be finished! Special Thanks: Dominus for the splash screen Sotha for the rain optimizations Aryx for the night time window effects Arcturus for the water droplets Moonbo for script revision Deadlove for reverb effects to audio Bikerdude for blinging things up! Crowind for creating the intro video Betatesters: Airship Ballet, Deadlove, Bikerdude Voice Actors: Goldwell Music: Whispers of sorrow by Bluedark Sound effects from Freesound.org: D W (136971), axiyee (79078) Tristan (18413), cubicApocalypse (195507), stk13 (121329) Jovica (82938), mwirth (137174), knova (169668) PatrickLieberkind (213083), ninebilly (173014) acclivity (32839), baryy (163418) jorickhoofd (160048), sangtao (189664) Bubbling cauldron - Mike Koenig Available via the in-game downloader. Filesize: 22.4 mb
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