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Found 2 results

  1. I didn't want to start a whole new topic on this, but I wasn't able to find anything... A simple question: Would it be okay to upload the official, promotional screenshots from approved and published FMs to the TDM wiki ? I plan to eventually write individual wiki articles on the individual FMs, and having those screenshots as basic visual material to represent the mission could be nice. I'd like to know if there'd be potential issues with bandwidth over the uploading of the images, or issues with an author's permission to use the screenshots (similar to the permissions necessary for FM
  2. A pleasant weekend to all. I have currently gone back to working on the layout, structural and plot design for the FMs I am making. Nothing to do with DarkRadiant, a basic prototype of a mission I have is currently on hold while I plan out more of the specifics. As I was thinking about the mission I plan to finish and release first, all that pondering brought me to the following questions: What sort of plots, themes and settings could we feature more often in shorter fan missions ? Are there any elements in shorter FMs that repeat a little too often and could be replaced with so
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