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Found 6 results

  1. I recently saw a post about the functionality of the idTech 6 engine, which brought this suggestion to my attention. It's actually a simple and trivial improvement, although I can imagine people missing it and not thinking about its absence. Also keep in mind I don't know the lighting code of TDM, and everything I say is purely out of observation. Like most engines that use dynamic lighting, TDM tends to have considerable performance issues when a lot of lights are rendered at once. This is often because of shadows and possibly other calculations. A common way to prevent extra computation in the renderer is caching all lights, and only updating each one when necessary. Meaning either the light itself has moved, or something is moving in front of the light. If both the light and the geometry it affects are static, there is nothing to recalculate, which offers a significant performance boost. TDM has a serious problem here: Even if the engine already knows how to cache lights, every torch has a moving light source! If you look closely at a torch, you'll notice its shadows constantly bob around. While this makes sense aesthetically, it also means that light will be recalculated each frame... even if the torch is mounted on a wall and no physical object or NPC is currently moving within its radius. Since most maps use torches and have areas where characters don't walk in front of them, I see a notable performance improvement being lost here. My personal suggestion: First of all, does idTech 4 support light caching for static lights + geometry to begin with? If somehow the original engine didn't have that, I definitely think it should be patched in! Once that's solved, I believe moving light sources for flame based lights should be controlled by a cvar; If people are okay with the performance loss, they can enable that to get bobbing shadows... if not, disable to allow torch lights to be cached and improve overall FPS. An idea to compensate for the visual loss: Can't we use an animated light texture to simulate moving flames altogether, as well as pulsating brightness? The light bobbing looks pretty extreme anyway: In real life, candles have a smooth flame that casts a neat shadow, and shadows don't always move that chaotically even when it's a noisier flame like a campfire.
  2. Hey guys, I have a *little* problem lately - my fps are going waaaay down in certain areas, mostly open. I know that D3 engine have certain limitations regarding open areas/long corridors, but with my PC I supposed it wouldn't be a problem: i5 3470 3.2 Ghz 4GB RAM GF 660 2GB Sadly, in missions like "No Honor Among Thieves" (part 1) and "Lords and Legacy", there's MASSIVE slowdowns in afromentioned open areas. Lowering the options (including "level of detail" to it's lowest) didn't help a thing, fps is "stable" 20. Any other case, it's stable 60 (vsync on). Can you guys help me fix this? Oh, and by the way - your mod is the best, honestly. It perfectly matches the mood of the original Thief games - basically Thief 1/2 with T3 graphics (even better)! Thanks a lot EDIT: For anyone else who will encounter this, if you have an nvidia card, simply change "power management mode" to "prefer maximum performance". Additionaly you can disable vsync, it helps too.
  3. WHEN MAKE CHANGES MY PC DO 33 FPS in THIEF 4 Benchmark test. I have been testing a lot of config before this and this was the most stable non visual change setting. Find file "BaseEngine.ini" file and edit the following lines. (Mine was found in e:\StreamApps\common\Thief\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini) LINE TO BE CHANGED > TO ; SPEED UP GAMEPLAY TIP WITH NO VISUAL CHANGE. > Set BaseEngine.ini to "Read-Only" after changed it. MotionBlur=True > MotionBlur=False ; Verified OK Disable motion blur MotionBlurPause=True > MotionBlurPause=False ; Verified OK AllowRadialBlur=True > AllowRadialBlur=False ; Verified OK Adds shadows on existing objects Bloom=True > Bloom=False ; Verified OK UseHighQualityBloom=True > UseHighQualityBloom=False ; Verified OK There is one thing more. When you start THIEF 4 a Menu shows up, select OPTIONS right away and mark/use/tick "32-bit" mode. Then you are ready to start the game itself. I was not able to add this to http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/16001-thief-4-tweaks-fixes/ it was locked. I maked the account yesterday. I just have to give you this advice because it seems like the game really start to get speedy. My PC/MACHINE is an not the fastest, I buyed it 2008 2x2.2GHZ Intel Processor 4GB ram(800Mhz) ASUS Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti (the graphics without the 6 pin powersupply) very new graphics and QUIET card, Settings SPEND POWER, Just fast. Windows8.1 64-bit SSD When first running the THIEF 4 at the start I got 15 FPS maximum in Benchmark in thief4. (What the hell Tom raider & GRID2 = 60FPS) Changed everything in Nividia controlpanel global settings to "Primary screen" NO ENERGY SAVING mode. Performance mode. No "Make it more quality" settings. Then i got 25FPS maximum. And after "BaseEngine.ini" was changed saved and "write-protected". And before game start in options "32bit-mode" selected. I finally got 33fps with is pretty much better. I use resolution 1280x720 Tripple buffer "Exclusive fullscreen" "Fullscreen" Preset "Very low" I hope i help someone make thief4 playable. /Jetpack5
  4. Hi all, I've got a question about the in-game fps cap, which limits the maximum framerate to 60 fps. Is it possible to uncap the framerate limit so the game will run at higher rate than 60? My current monitor can display 144Hz and I even enabled triple buffer and vsync to smooth out gameplay but with more frames per second, the game would be more enjoyable. Any game developer who can give us feedback? Thanks in advance, Markus
  5. First of all thank you for this great effort in reviving one of the most beautifull games of all times. I was following this project for quite some time but since now is a standalone release i gave it a go. Some of the problems that I'm experiencing but I saw some other did as well. -On a high end system (GTX760) I experience really low fps (10-15) which seems to get slightly better if I decrease antiallizing etc, but always below 30fps. The config file is as per wiki's recommended instructions -As other I cant load the two preinstalled missions, but it works perfectly on others. - I was facing really slow loading times but by deactivating vertical sync it got better but still not perfect. Now a problem that I didnt manage to find a similar question anywhere. - I face major shuttering in my movement. When I press a movement key I will likely face a pause on my movement. Its like stop pressing the movement button, which is quite difficult to play and perform on any level. For example when I press forward, after a while Garett stops moving. Release forward and press again, Garett moves but it will stop after a while. There is no constant pattern its just random but quite often.
  6. http://www.anandtech.com/show/7195/amd-frame-pacing-explorer-cat138
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