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Found 1 result

  1. I18N Status: Currently, TDM supports selecting a language in the menu, and also translated FMs. However, the work on translating FMs seems to have stalled, and AFAIK, most FMs are still english-only (so the translated FMs are not available to the average player). In addition, most developers are native English speakers, and hence use only English. OTOH, a lot of players are from other countries, but they might be invisible due to the self-selecting audience on the web and forum, as both forum and website are available in English only. There are, however, large communities, like the Russian players (Добрый день!). These are mostly invisible here, as they have their own forum. Maybe there are other communities we don't even know about? Germans? French? Italian? There are also people who select a different language in the menu, which can be seen if people do not know the proper English name for some settings (hinting that they use a different language in the menu naturally). These people might not even think it is something special that TDM is not English-only Poll: So, to gauge how the actual status is and how many people we have in the different languages and what their wishes are, this poll tries to enumerate them. It also asks what you would like to see in the I18N work. Unfortunately, each question is limited to 6 answers only (why oh why?). So, please, if you use (or would use) a different language then in the list, please post it here. It would also be good if somebody could tells us about other communities, and ask there if they would like to participate in the poll. I'm thrilled to found out what we have missed so far The goal of this thread: Find out how many players with native language X we have Find out how many players currently use which language in the settings menu Do non-English players want better support for their language, e.g. would they consider using their language if it was (more) supported? Last but not least: reach out to other communitives in other languages and get their feedback
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