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Found 4 results

  1. Lately, I was fiddling with TDM frob shader, because often I find it too subtle for my taste. Don’t get me wrong, it works as intended, but it looks best in complete darkness. In more lit rooms, e.g. while putting out candles, it’s a bit hard to see whether you’re able to interact with an object or not. Modern games use Fresnel-based shader to achieve this, so an object gets a bright outline. This is very in-your-face and something more like the “atomic-blue frob” from Thief Deadly Shadows we all hated back in the day. That said, I think you can achieve some middle ground here. I couldn’t get the proper fresnel program to work, since I’m not that good at shaders, but I don’t think I will need it. Instead, I created a “fake Fresnel” cubemap, which looks like this: You can easily make it in Gimp. It’s a 256 texture with radial gradient from black to white, and offset of 50, so the color transition starts further away from the center. If you just want an outline, use pure black as starting color. I wanted both some highlight and an outline, so I used RGB 32. Now you have to save it 6 times with _back, _down, _forward etc., so it gets recognized as a cubemap. Then you have to go to your material definition and put this instead of standard frob code: // This is the code required for frob highlighting this texture { if ( parm11 > 0 ) maskcolor map makealpha (_white) alpha .2 // modify it as you wish } { if ( parm11 > 0 ) blend gl_dst_alpha, gl_one maskalpha cameraCubeMap cubemap/path/here texgen reflect } Cool thing is, you can tweak the cubemap intensity with alpha parameter, so you’ll get more consistent look when you need different values for e.g. wooden and glass objects (the latter typically require more visible frob). This effect also looks a bit different on .ase models and on brushes / func_statics made in DR, so you can tweak it to look the same across all materials and types of surfaces. Small comparison:
  2. I created an iron grate that will be frobable, and just like Wiki says, the frob box shape is the shape of my model. The problem is that it will be pretty hard for the players to highlight it, because of the distance between the bars. Basically it looks like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/au0k3mcvs03jspf/GrateFrob.mp4 Adjusting frob box size doesn't help much in this case. I've tried other options like frob_peer, which works as intended, but the main problem is that even if I use a brush or model to propagate frob to my grate, it still needs to be solid for the frob raytrace to detect it. Materials like nodraw, clip or playerclip don't work, and that grate looks like it should let players shoot and throw stuff through it. I think I had similar problem while playing Biker's WIP, while with frobing an iron gate, so this is a common problem with more complex interactive models. Am I missing something or it seems like we need some sort of special non-solid material like nodraw that will let everything through but collide with frob detection?
  3. I enjoy TDM immensely but I find it frustrating sometimes to frob small items, especially in chests or in small containers. Is it just me? Sometimes I have to spend several minutes in a very dangerous situation in order to grab a small object from a container because I can't find a way to highlight it. It is extremely frustrating to see the object there in front of my eyes and still being unable to just grab it, especially when I'm in full light and I hear steps coming my way. Arggggh, you dumb thief, just grab the fricking thing already! Are there any tricks to improve this?
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