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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, guys! I just discovered the dark mod and found it fascinating but i'm running into a problem. The missions just don't appear as installed on the menu. The game recognizes the downloaded missions. I always choose to install, the game restarts but the "no missions installed" is always there. I always have to press the button again, but it will always go back to the menu just as i haven't installed it.
  2. So I'm trying to install this on linux and it seems to start strong but then immediately cease getting new data. I've left it overnight and it still indicates the same files, I don't think it got any new content. Is there some means of specifying mirrors or for that matter a means of going to a mirror directly to get what I need?
  3. I wrote an article describing how to install The Dark Mod on Chromebooks: http://zipso.net/play-thief-like-game-the-dark-mod-on-a-chromebook/ Any feedback from anyone trying it would be interesting..
  4. I can't seem to install this on a mac, I've placed everything where it is supposed to go i think, however when i run the installer/downloader i get this: mac-christopherericksmith:~ christopheresmith$ /Users/christopheresmith/Library/Application\ Support/Doom\ 3/darkmod/tdm_update_helper.command ; exit; TDM Updater v0.56 © 2009-2010 by tels & greebo. Part of The Dark Mod (http://www.thedarkmod.com). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Initialising... Done. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cleaning up previous update session... Done. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloading mirror information... Done downloading mirrors. Found 7 mirrors. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloading CRC file... Downloading from Mirror fidcal.com: crc_info.txt [=========================] 100.0% at 0 bytes/sec ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloading version info file... Downloading from Mirror ShadowDarkKeep: tdm_version_info.txt [=========================] 100.0% at 4.00 GB/sec Done downloading versions. Newest version is 1.07. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trying to match local files to version definitions... [=========================] 100.0% File: Done comparing local files: no luck, PK4 files do not match. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Comparing local files to server definitions... [=========================] 100.0% File: Done comparing local files to server definitions. A new updater is available: 1 file needs to be downloaded (size: 1.4 MB). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Downloading TDM Update application... Downloading from Mirror robertrueger.de: tdm_update_macosx.zip [=========================] 100.0% at 169 kB/sec [=========================] 100.0% at 169 kB/sec Done downloading updater - will restart the application. Relaunching tdm_update via shell script /Users/christopheresmith/Library/Application Support/Doom 3/darkmod/tdm_update_updater.sh sh: /Users/christopheresmith/Library/Application: No such file or directory logout [Process completed]
  5. To cut a short story shorter, I did a fresh install of The Dark Mod on Windows. The updater worked beautifully, without any input it carefully acquired and collated the most up to date versions of all the TDM files from the the best servers and mirrors across the Internet. And then deposited the whole lot on my desktop. Now, obviously if I'd read the friggin manual this wouldn't have happened. But I didn't. And given that there's one born every second, I doubt I'll be the last. So, for clots like me, how about including a Readme file to the tdm_update_win.zip package thingy to help stop us getting lost. I even made some up for you. readme.txt readme.txt readme.txt
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