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Found 3 results

  1. I have been wondering about this since discussing extra NPC's and weapons. I think it's an idea worth considering, especially since the functionality is there and all that's needed should be a new menu. My issue is this: Some TDM missions include their own scripts and assets, so they can have content not existent in the default data (like unique NPC's). This leads to good extras which are distributed with specific missions, although they could be used by other missions too. It made me wonder whether we should have a system to install mods separately from missions, in order to make the distri
  2. Apparently func_mover can only begin moving from the beginning of the spline and on stop, it gets reset to its starting position. I am making something that has to be controlled from a GUI panel, and I need for func_mover to stop on the spline where I want, continue moving from that position, and not reset to the start position (which should be some bool spawn arg in the entity's def). How can I fix that? (unless func_mover already does it by default and I just have no clue what I am doing ) Thanks.
  3. So I finally did it Started learning C++ / Qt5 and made my first app - Doom 3 BFG mod launcher. It lets you prep Doom 3 BFG to be mod friendly with a click of a button. No more messing with scripts and console! I also authored a few mods for Doom 3 and now you can run them with Doom 3 BFG (these mods don't have SDK code, scripts/assets mods). Some run well, some not so much. Either way, feel free to give it a spin: http://www.kot-in-action.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=28
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