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Found 10 results

  1. I have quite a few assets from WIPs I'll probably never use elsewhere, so I thought I could share it here. Some of these are older and not necessarily matching the TDM lore, but I hope someone will find use for them. In terms of package format, I'll be creating 7zip packages with just model and/or texture files, so you can place them wherever you like in your project. I'll also include example material or def setup. I'll leave textures in .tga format, so you can make edits on uncompressed source and save as .dds later. So first up is a door/frame/key combo: Temp upload of all assets: https://we.tl/t-BOdrlNEXWJ See readme_notes for design / placement instructions.
  2. Hello! I am pretty new to Dark Radiant, and as the title suggests, I am having issues with stairs. The player is capable of vaulting over large walls, but no matter what model of stairs I use, they struggle to ascend even the smallest staircase. Is there an explanation for this, or even a tutorial on how to implement them?
  3. This is pretty impressive and looks like a hell of a lot less work than building the model manually.
  4. This is gorgeous. Be great to have a safe this good looking in the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqfyv3exzic
  5. I created an iron grate that will be frobable, and just like Wiki says, the frob box shape is the shape of my model. The problem is that it will be pretty hard for the players to highlight it, because of the distance between the bars. Basically it looks like this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/au0k3mcvs03jspf/GrateFrob.mp4 Adjusting frob box size doesn't help much in this case. I've tried other options like frob_peer, which works as intended, but the main problem is that even if I use a brush or model to propagate frob to my grate, it still needs to be solid for the frob raytrace to detect it. Materials like nodraw, clip or playerclip don't work, and that grate looks like it should let players shoot and throw stuff through it. I think I had similar problem while playing Biker's WIP, while with frobing an iron gate, so this is a common problem with more complex interactive models. Am I missing something or it seems like we need some sort of special non-solid material like nodraw that will let everything through but collide with frob detection?
  6. Hey there, guys. I'm currently trying to finish up my map, and the last thing I need to do is decorate my 3D skybox to look like a convincing forest. Since I had prior experience using these in the Hammer editor, I didn't think that what was available to use for this feature would be radically different in Radiant. The biggest issue I'm running into right now is a lack of models that are intended for use in the 3D skybox, trees being the most pressing need. I just wanted to double-check: are there any models made for this purpose that I'm not seeing in the directory? And if not, has anyone else found a good solution for this problem? I'm currently using patches to make miniature trees, but they look almost exactly like something a kindergartener would draw. Thank you very much!
  7. Well, I was searching for some textures for my FM, And I couldn't find any, In honesty I couldn't find any textures , So I figured If you're going to post textures, you might as well link them here (Of course unless its included in the Dark mod, Then it's pointless) Hopefully this will simplify most of the problems with custom textures. Here's the format if you don't know what to use: Picture ExampleTextures - ExampleDescription URL to download here! (Doesn't need to be 18, Take your pick!)
  8. This one I got off Turbosquid (just the model - it wasn't rigged or textured): This one I did the concept myself: I'm going for a clean/simplistic aesthetic. Each species is going to have a color theme to help differentiate which kind of ship you are aboard. The top one is yellow/orange/brown/black. The bottom one is green/green-yellow/black - and their ships will have a good amount of grey I think as well (I must have been inspired by the Cardassians/Romulans for this one). http://www.midwestvideogames.com/
  9. I think that right place for my topics is here )) Ok let's start gathering info for creating good furniture set in this direction Item list: 1. Bed At first time it should be 2 type of bed with different skins, one type high rank priests , second - common builders. 2. Table I think it should be one geometry with different textures 3. Chair Chair for high priests only, with straight forms, no comfort. 4. Stool Stool for common builders 5. Comode One geometry with different skins 6. Wardrobe Only for high priests, common builders haven't such things to have their own wardrobe,imho 7. Bookshelf Only for priests 8. Bed-side table Different for these to classes 9. Cabinet Tell me your opinion, should it be or not for high priests? Know lets define number of skins and their contents High priests: 1. Old forgeted skin 2. Bronze detailed skin 3. Gold detailed skin Common 1. Same old skin 2. Good one, cheap looking skin Today I'll not open Lightwave principally... Want rest from it for one day %) I write this to share my minds with you and to know yours thoughts about this... I think that determining correct task make process of creation for me simplified
  10. Basically I'm curious who is aware of LOD models in TDM. If you guys realize we have them. If so, do you use them? Do you know where they are? Can we find a better way to manage them so authors can use them easily?
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