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Found 1 result

  1. As seen here and debated all over the Internet: This will have serious repercussions for modding if it goes through. Just a few to start with: When money enters the equation, companies may either try to capture a share of the revenue (and exclude non-profit mods), or DMCA their whole modscene in an orgy of greed and avarice ("Every dollar that goes into a mod could go into our own DLC"). Possibly retroactively.It will fracture modding communities, and create a rift between "pros" and "amateurs".If publishers or Steam start to police mod content, it will have repercussions for what kind of content will be acceptable. Maybe you aren't so hot about that new nude patch, but what about fixes and user-made patches?Tons of opportunists moving in, shovelware clogging up the mod stores, Second Life-style.There is a high probability of ownership disputes.If I use twenty textures and five ambient sounds from a Springheel mission, do I owe Springheel money?What if I use the same textures from people who have uploaded free texture and ambient packs? Do they get paid, and how much?What if I used assets from another game? Say, one published more than 20 years ago?How do we divide up the money in a team for a complex mod which has been years in the making and involved, say, 50 people working on different areas? What if 15 of them are no longer to be found anywhere online?Whom do I turn to if someone sells my lovely horse armour pack under his or her own name? Who takes responsibility for policing this? Can mods be pirated? Would you download a mod?Also, there is already a high resolution horse genitals mod. Now that's the entrepreneurial spirit! P.S. This has been a very important and insightful post. Plz donate to my Patreon!
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