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Found 2 results

  1. A long time ago I asked someone if they could help me with getting a Dark Mod character skeleton for my modeling project but I abandoned it for a long time. A while ago I picked it up again and finished the model. So here it is. A Mantian huntress. Inspired by the Bugbeasts in Thief 1. I had the idea that they have an insect colony type society, except where the gender roles are reversed. A single male king and a whole hive of female drones and warriors. They live in huge jungles far outside The City, but a few of them remain in the ranks of pagans. They have peculiar feet that are great for climbing trees and hanging upside down to ambush prey. They have a thin and flexible but sturdy exoskeleton and sensitive eyes that can see a wide angle. Their pinkie fingers are shaped like deadly scimitars that can stab, cut and slice with ease. Even with a normal map the polycount is pretty high. About 30k quads, but I'm sure that can be lowered with a little work. Textures are diffuse, normal, specular amount and specular color. FYI the model is not yet rigged with a Dark Mod skeleton, just a temporary one for posing. Trying to bind it to an MD5 mesh skeleton can prove difficult due to MD5 models being in a T-pose and my character being in an A-pose. Model and render made with Modo 901
  2. Does anyone know how to make monsters drop blood when they die? I've been making a Doom 3 gore mod for a while now and the only thing missing is blood pooling around the piles of bodies. I know this isn't exactly TDM related, but they're both using the same idtech, so it's all transferable. Here's my Dropbox link if you want to see some screenshots of how far I've got. (These are all pre-Wulfen textures, so I'll have to get some better ones on there.) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/n09gtm59ei52una/-8ps2olgZn I'm really sorry If there's already this exact same topic, I only had a quick browse and apparently I'm not allowed to use the search function.
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