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Found 1 result

  1. Hey TDM-ers. I have an idea this time , so hear me out :X Okay so I love the atmosphere some levels provide , sneaking through them really makes me feel...Thiefy. But I was wondering well... That atmosphere gets destroyed when you get detected , because you have to either run for your dear life , or try to fight and if outnumbered , die. Now here is the idea - Wouldn't it be cool if when detected instead of hearing those bland "I shall devour you from this evil." - "Thief , help , Thief!" , to hear an instrumental track? What I'm aiming at here is detection music and battle music. For instance , some triple A games do it , like when being looked for , there is a stellar track that makes you feel you're looked for , and when detected , boom , some awesome instrumental track starts playing , and you're running for your life with that playing in the background thus adding to the epic feel of running away. ( Take Assassin's Creed. Shitty game , great soundtrack ). For TDM , I was thinking something orchestral , because it would fit the world perfectly. Any support on this? - Btw , here , just imagine running for your life with this playing in the background.
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