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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, I am an undergraduate Computer Engineer student. I worked on various little game projects written in java and c++ wtih my classmates. Stealth genre is my favourite genre in gaming and as you all know thief series is the pinnacle. So I found this mod recently while searching a couple of weeks ago. After playing like 10 missions I really loved the mod. I really congragulate the team for being able to create the same old school thief sense with better graphics into the DOOM 3 engine. To keep it short, I would like to share some feedback and I am also working on the code (actually trying to construct the system in my mind) to implement some improvements. I have some questions and need some guidence about some particular subjects. I thought this would be the most appropriate subforum. First the feedback 1- I think someone told and probably you guys fixed but there is a visually bugged candle in the training map. 2- 0002068: AI not sharing alerts with nearby allies. I would like to add that, so far I didn't see any example of this bug. 3- You can get the loots inside the closed secret safes., like a painting etc., without opening the secret safe. I experienced this multiple times in some maps. 4- The ai doesn't seem to care about opened doors or movement on doors. You can just play with a door in front of the ai and they won't react to it as I observed. There is some evidence in the code trying to improve on this but I am not sure about the effects. And there isn't any awareness in AI about the door sound. Is there? 5- The player doesn't take damage while standing on top of a torch or something that is on fire. 6- I didn't saw a single AI relighting a candle in my experience. I thought it was missing in the engine but after tracing, it was implemented in the code with a chance factor, so it was my luck I guess. 7- I think there should be more visibility penalty while you move, especially just a few feet away from an AI. Maybe it could be slightly random. (somehow ) 8- This is the one I am working on: AI doesn't react to an object that is grabbed by the player and moved in front of their eyes. I tested it multiple times, even the object is completely lit in front of the AI nothing happens. In fact, you can push them with these objects if you do it slowly and carefully Related to this, they don't react to candle or lantern light that moves or appears in front of them. You take a candle and completely brighten the front of the AI while standing next to him, there is no reaction. I need some guidence in number 8. I created multiple algorithms using different methods in the code. The most simple solution was if the ai can see the object && that object is grabbed by player && it also moves face to the entity that is moving and set the alert state to searching. There are methods like canSee(), faceEntity(), getBindMaster(), setAlertLevel() etc. for me to implement this. I think the AI can handle afterwards. But I have a question. I don't know where to add this improvement. Where does the AI evaluate its options on some time interval? The only method I found was "think()". I couldn't figure out how to merge this reaction into the realtime AI process. By the way, for the light awareness; if the light is held by the player && the light moves && the bounding sphere of light intersects with the AI viewcone turn toward the lightsource This would result in seeing the player which is a natural reaction. So I thought it would be enough. I know you are a tiny team and you don't have time but I would really appreciate some guidance about this structure and my solutions. Once I fill in the gaps on structure i figured out and get the complete picture about how things work, I should be rolling on myself. If my effort seemed incompetent to get some guidance, I would understand that. I really appreciate what you guys are doing and I want to contribute as far as my life allows me.
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