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Found 2 results

  1. I'll start with some background on what brought up this idea; As some users may know, I've been working on a large mod for TDM, which aims to introduce cyberpunk assets for futuristic worlds... it's called The Dark Module and is currently being discussed in this thread. One of the many types of assets I'll need in order to complete this project are new player models; I've already ported the character set from Xonotic, but will be needing more models in order to create civilians. I've thought of the most efficient way to achieve this: MakeHuman! For those who haven't heard of it, MakeHuman is
  2. I recently discovered that the website mixamo.com has an autorigger that is free for low poly models. The final result may not be perfect but with a few clicks you have a working rig and your model correctly weighted! that's at the very least a fantastic starting point, saving hours of work. However, it has its own system of bones, that 3ds max translates to helper objects (not bones). I was wondering if it's possible to create md5 animated file using this rig, that works in TDM. Anyone ever tried that?
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