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Found 2 results

  1. I am quite far with my first map and I am placing some visportals now. When you play the map, everything outside is rendered. The inside of the big building I placed somewhere is not rendered, thanks to a visportal. So it seems like visportals work pretty good with doors. But I also made a tunnel, which is reached after using a button, which opens then "sarcophagus_lid.lwo" with a slide animation. The visportal i placed there is not working as intended. Everytime I face the visportal it is green (r_showportals 1) and only gets red when I don't look at it, which is weird for me, because on normal doors it behaves a different way (It is red until opened). In the picture you can see two visportals working perfectly, while the green one is the visportal mentioned above. What am I doing wrong? How can I make the visportal behave like it does on doors? EDIT: I somehow forgot the question about lights. Here it is: I made a room with a beam at the top half of the room. It is possible to walk on that beam and there is no light on it. But I placed some lamps/lights right under the beam. Now the light and shadow looks pretty weird:
  2. Hey guys, I'm sure this is a known problem but its unresolved and renders the new Thief game very hard to play. I've installed thief and the game runs smoothly, no problems. But then when I look at Garrett's shadow, it appears that they have been reversed (I do not know the correct term for this glitch) and black squares appear on the ground where there should be a shadow. I attached a picture and here's a link to the problem (this video isn't mine, but it is the problem):
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