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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, the Dark Mod 2.0 has recently stopped working for me. Prior to this, I installed one of the missions in-game (don't remember which one) and during the installation process, the game crashed to desktop. The next time I tried to launch the game (the next day) all I got was a black screen for a short time as if the game would launch and then a crash to desktop, as well as the following crash log: I'm guessing that the easiest fix would be to reinstall but maybe this gives the guys who created this great mod some technical feedback that they might implement in a later patch (?). Or it helps someone with a similar problem ... Thanks in advance! - f0xX PS: I hope my spoilers work. Yep, they did!
  2. Hi! Since I am trying out ubuntu 13.04 right now, I thought that I should try installing TDM 2.0. So I checked the wiki and tried my best. As it is a standalone version now, I saved the TDM Updater (tdm_update_linux.zip) in the folder ~/.darkmod/ (instead of in a doom3 folder) (btw: why does it need to be a hidden folder?). I extracted the file, made it executable by right-clicking it (Properties->Permissions->Allow executing file as program (Checkbox)). Then I double-clicked the tdm_update.linux. Magically files did appear (also a folder 'fms' containing the training mission and tears of st lucia). But now I'm stuck. Double-clicking the .pk4 files did not work. Dash gives no results for neither darkmod nor tdm. How do I get to play it? Well, I'm pretty sure I provoked some severe facepalms by now, but every help is highly appreciated...
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