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Found 1 result

  1. Edit: This was originally an April Fools Joke "FM Release Thread" because Diego wanted more April 1 fun. Now it's an FM preview thread! Shadow of Opportunity is the actual FM I've been quietly working on. Unfortunately I don't have much to show for it now, though I have the campaign all scripted out now. I'll leave the joke below for the record and talk about the mission some more below all of it. To offer something, my campaign does add a lot of world building in the Dark Mod world, so people can ask questions about the world of Bridgeport and the world around it and I can give some fun non-spoiler answers about my vision for the world in the campaign, if that would be something fun to do. Here's the original joke thread: ------------------------------------------ In the last few weeks I have been quietly betatesting a mission. And now it's ready for release. This is the first mission of "The Dark Campaign", which may or may not see every mission released, but no reason not to try. It is a time of war between the Imperial Builders and the Menoan Ghazi. The Menoans are laying siege to Bridgeport as the Builders & Inventors prepare for the worst. The player, Khursand, is neither Builder nor Ghazi nor pagan, trusted by no one, which is exactly what makes him valuable as an intermediary between the two sides, if only he can survive long enough to demonstrate his unique skills. Without further ado I present: Shadow of Opportunity
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