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Found 1 result

  1. So it's finally time! Not An Ordinary Guest hits the forums like a heavy bag of coins! This is, as the topic states, my entry to the Unusually Gameplay contest. It is a fine example of a mission that has been built with only vague plans in mind. I thought it would be cool with a hotel mission and so I started building a room and a corridor and a boxy lobby. This was back in january 2010, the first serious map I started and since then I've probably run into every crevice in the road in my attempts to become a master mapper. Always start small, that's the lesson the gurus are trying to teach us. Baah, humbug! I rather went for something I thought would be fun to play. And after all, it wasn't meant to be a quick build, but rather something I could planlessly just add things onto as I went. And so more and more work went into it but I got carried away from it because of the other contests so this mission is something I've been building on from time to time over three years and because the overall plans were very vague until about one and a half years ago, several things have been changed over the years. I hope you'll enjoy the resulting mision! The unusual element in this mission is that each difficulty setting corresponds to a different character with different agendas; Will you play as the assassin, sneaking into the hotel, figuring out where your target is and eliminate it? Or will you be the unseen thief, skulking in the shadows, looting the wealthy from their heavy purses? Or why not the saboteur, wandering the hotel like an ordinary guest, but is he? Why is the water in the bath cold? Why is the food tasting like shit? It is something peculiar about that fellow in that room... Another thing I would like to mention is the effort I've made to increase replayability. There is no guarantee that the guests will reside in the same rooms from play to play, and the same goes for where the loot may be. And as the different characters have different agendas, so will some items be frobable for some and unfrobable for others. Special thanks to Ziggun, my friend who has helped me with lots of visual design desicions. Henrik Swenson, who has made at least one of the ambient sounds. BikerDude stepped in during the betatesting for some lighting help, much appreciated! And Grayman helped me with some scripting, I'm very grateful for that! I would also like to thank the betatesters with lots of good advice and keen eyes for Z-fighting and other unwanted errors: Bikerdude, AluminiumHaste, nbohr1more, lowenz, jaxa, Obsttorte and TylerVocal. I must adress some issues with the map. As I said, some parts of this mission was built when I was rather new at this and visportalling became a second issue, especially in the front section which is a rather open area. Lower end systems will have problems there. My efforts to increase the replayability was not without a cost. I'm very close to the entity maximun with only a few hundred entitys left to prohibit the mission from starting. I don't know if this will cause any trouble, performance vise, though. Planned fixes/additions for ver 1.01 Good hunting/looting/sabotaging! Ver 1.01 (Newest) http://www27.zippyshare.com/v/7742855/file.html Ver 1.0 http://www73.zippysh...35167/file.html ------------------------------------WARNING, THERE MAY BE SPOILERS BELOW--------------------------------------
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