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Found 4 results

  1. There's some sort of problem with the TDM updater whereby it won't create a proper 2.07 installation. Being on a slow Internet connection, my TDM installation/update procedure has always involved downloading just the latest update zip file (currently, 'tdm_update_2.06_to_2.07.zip') from the ModDB site and making that available to the updater locally, to avoid unreliable, slow downloads during the actual update. I followed the same procedure that I've always (successfully) done in the past: extract the huge, 2.3-GB 'THEDARKMODVersion2.0-StandaloneRelease.zip' file (downloaded once from ModDB
  2. The ELF executable provided from the main download page is 32-bit. It doesn't run on 64-bit systems without adding support for ELF32. Since 64 bit support is now available in 2.06, this needs updating. While the documentation on the download page is accurate in removing the instructions for adding 32 bit architecture support, which should now be unnecessary, the binary download needs updating too. I get the error: "no such file or directory" on Debian Stretch GNU/Linux, on a bash shell. This is perhaps because it requires loading some dynamically linked 32 bit libraries unavailable on my sys
  3. Well I just discovered this mod after being a Thief fan since day one. and I am really excited over what the game promises. But I have one problem. I have been trying to download the game now for 3 days. The Updater (v0.66) starts up fine connects and starts to download and it will get just so far and then hang up. I usually let it sit for 5 min or so and then I'll cancel the download. about 1 times in 10 it will close properly otherwise I have to force it closed (not responding) then I restart. at this point I still have 932 MB (9 files) remaining as I type this the loader is stuck on "tdm_te
  4. Since the TDM updater was downloading so slowly, I copied the URL it was accessing and grabbed the file with a download manager (which was an order of magnitude faster, BTW). What can I do with this file? I've tried unzipping it to the TDM folder, but if the updater is to be believed that's not enough. I've also tried copying the file to the temporary path that the updater downloads to, but it just throws the data away and starts downloading it again. I've also tried dragging the file onto the updater executable, but that doesn't seem to achieve anything either. I really hope I don't have
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