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Found 4 results

  1. Having enjoyed giving voice to six or so DM missions, I want to branch out...can anyone tell me if there are other games using fan missions where I might apply my voice? I want to move into doing voice work professionally one day, but for now am thrilled to use my talents as donated work for the Dark Mod and others. Visit my website for samples of my work on my demo page, and for a short reel of DM voices I have done, and please...if you have contacts with Skyrim or other modders, contact me. www.everybodyandme.com
  2. Having finished up a number of voices for LarryG, Gort, and Goldwell, I am open for any other voice work that may be needed. I have gotten great reviews as a Lord, Guard, Scientist, Drunk and Ferrymaster, and would love to put my voice to work for YOU! I’m pretty good at mimicry, having done lines to match one of the Lord voice sets, and could probably match others...pick one and let me try for you. Contact me here, and listen to Dark Mod and other demos at http://www.everybodyandme.com/demos.htm! Also, on the advice of one of the developers, I took a look at the Cynic voice set, and think I can do a pretty good job mimicking that one.
  3. I have taken a couple of seminars, and am a vocal D&D DM and deep admirer of THIEF in its many variations. I'd like to volunteer some voice work. If you visit www.everybodyandme.com you can hear my two mini-reel demos from the seminars, and a variety of faux-mercials I've done in my home studio. No hum and clear sound, but I have gotten better with my presentation. Still this early stuff represents me well, and I would love to do a spec reading for you. I also did two web-commerials for LORE, an up and coming pdf/paper/dice RPG, and was one of many voices in the Borg demo for System 47, the LCARS software. All these are linked on my Demo page at the site. I am just getting started in this but have done voices all my life in British, Irish, Scottish and other genres. Please stop in and check them out...I would love to be able to contribute to this great project. I played hundreds of the fan missions for Thief back in the day, and was really thrilled to find The Dark Mod, because it has all the wonderful adventuring flavor of the old days! My booth is running a Spark mike with windscreen, and an AVID Mbox Mini interface. I am on ProTools Lite right now, but trying to install and upgrade to First. I've also done a variety of YouTube stuff; search on "Andre Bartmes".BARTMESS_Lore30_The Voyage_full.mp3
  4. Okay, I'm not much of a forum poster. Heck, I run a few, and I hardly post! But I do feel guilty that I haven't posted to thank everyone for all their hard work on The Dark Mod. I loved playing all the current content, and...let's just say I already liked it a ton, but fell in love with it when I first saw a guard relight a torch. Damn. But to keep this post on topic, I read something very disturbing in The Escapist yesterday: http://www.escapistm...Actor-For-Thief Not only is the new Thief game looking like some kind of alternate universe reboot that just takes elements from the old games and mashes them into something new, but now we find out they got some BS reason for not hiring Stephen Russell to do voice acting for it -- he needs to do his voice acting during motion capture, so he needs to be able to do his own stunts. As if Tom Cruise can't have a stuntman in his movies or CG because it "just wouldn't be real enough?" C'mon. We all know that Mr. Russell is a very, very large part of why we loved the original series. Even in the lackluster third entry, it was his presence that made that game acceptable and welcomed. The Escapist article has a link to a petition someone started to bring him back, but I say the heck with that. That new Thief reboot is looking more and more like a lackluster lost cause. Er...however, I know that some folks here actually work in the games industry. In signing up for the forum, I noticed a comment about a contributor here doing a level in Dishonored -- also a very Thief-y game I enjoyed. And maybe I don't necessarily want to take a dump on the new Thief reboot, especially if people who are "just doing what they can" from here may be working on it, but... ...c'mon. We all loved Thief in a large part due to Stephen's awesome acting. Can we get a Kickstarter going to not only finish up the stand-alone implementation of The Dark Mod, and finish up the mission storyline being developed, but also hire Stephen Russell to do voice acting for it, too? ...pretty please?
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