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Found 9 results

  1. I have quite a few assets from WIPs I'll probably never use elsewhere, so I thought I could share it here. Some of these are older and not necessarily matching the TDM lore, but I hope someone will find use for them. In terms of package format, I'll be creating 7zip packages with just model and/or texture files, so you can place them wherever you like in your project. I'll also include example material or def setup. I'll leave textures in .tga format, so you can make edits on uncompressed source and save as .dds later. So first up is a door/frame/key combo: Temp upload of all assets: https://we.tl/t-BOdrlNEXWJ See readme_notes for design / placement instructions.
  2. The electronic keypad is something I've wanted for a long time, along with laser tripped alarms which are next on my TODO list. I'm happy to announce they're a feature I just finished as part of a futuristic campaign I began working on! The version included here is extracted into an individual pk4 for other mappers to use. I may improve mine over time like using a GUI for the screen, for now this is a simple but finished version which does exactly everything intended. It consists of the custom script and def, models created and exported from DR reusing existing sounds and textures (only text labels had to be created), as well as prefabs for model sources and quickly placing a keypad on your map (broken or unpowered versions included). The device is operated using 12 buttons forming a numeric keypad inspired by old mobile phones, stand close look at each key and frob to input: Give your keypad a "text" spawnarg to set a password (multiple codes supported), entities targeted via "trigger_on_success" will execute when the correct code was typed, you may also set "trigger_on_fail" spawnargs to trigger targets when a bad code was written. Existing input can be cancelled with * and must be confirmed using the # key at the end, once unlocked pressing any key will re-trigger targets and lock the device back up. One aspect I'm unhappy with: I couldn't find a way for the script to directly access the entity triggering it. Because of this I had to define an additional "atdm:target_callobjectfunction" targeted by buttons which itself targets the keypad. This is only an annoyance for sanity's sake as I hoped I'd only need the keypad entity and individual buttons, yet there's also a little yellow cube sticking around which every button has to go through. Let me know if you're aware of a way to work around this; I know the script can use sys.onSignal(SIG_TRIGGER, self, "foo::bar") to run a function when triggered, but there doesn't seem to be a way to access the entity doing the triggering which is required to know which button was pressed and get its symbol. Here's the initial version with a few screenshots of how it looks and works. Feel free to use them in your FM's and share the result here! I'd love to see missions where you need to find codes in readables and remember them to access places, even having to piece them together from different sources... remember you can also use short passwords which are typed like an SMS hence the letters on the keys, for example "abe" would be "11122" (a = 1, b = 11, e = 22) 0 acts as space though I wouldn't write long sentences as they can be annoying to type in. electronic_keypad_v1.0.pk4
  3. Recently I started listing the Abandoned Works on a wiki page. Looking through some of the project folders I encountered assets that were posted on the forum years ago (for example this fish), but I never read about them before. I don't think the forum is good for listing assets, it's off course good for discussing. So I was wondering maybe it's an idea to make a list of game assets, including scripts, centered in one place? Knowing the assets exists, people are able to find it on the forums (placing direct links on the wiki page will get outdated). I might have to ask people for permission.
  4. After several months of working on this project, I'm happy to finally announce the release of my anthro character set for The Dark Mod! The package contains anthropomorphic characters for use in fan missions, with which artists can include furries as part of their story. Below is the repository, as well as a short FAQ describing the mod in more detail. GitHub repository How do I install the mod?The character set is meant to be used with fan missions. To include it, first clone the GitHub repository mentioned above somewhere on your drive. Then simply copy all of the directories into the root directory of your FM (eg: darkmod/fms/myfm/). You should now be able to find the characters in DarkRadiant under the AI section and add them to your map! What characters are included?There are 5 species, 7 overall fur patterns, 3 character definitions per race, plus male and female versions of each person. Races include wolves, foxes, leopards, squirrels, rabbits. Voices, personalities, as well as other traits were carefully tweaked to match each character as closely as possible. What license is the mod, and who are the authors?The initial model and texture were created by Untied Verbeger, who publicizes his works under the CC0 license. As such, the anthro models and textures are themselves licensed under CC0 / PD. The characters included were based on his wolf model, to which I made several fixes and contributions in the past. Obviously it's meant to work with other assets in TDM, which have their own licenses (typically CC-BY-NC-SA). The original model and authors can be found on Blendswap at: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/79735 http://www.blendswap.com/user/Verbeger http://www.blendswap.com/user/MirceaKitsune Wait... so was this made by furries?The mod was put together by me (MirceaKitsune) and I am indeed a furry. I chose to clarify this as I'd like to avoid negative remarks on the aspect; This is a contribution I made with enthusiasm and attention to detail for The Dark Mod, same as all contributions done by other artists in the TDM community. I've spent a lot of time adapting the mesh, rigging it, creating the materials, setting up definitions, and testing against long loading times. I don't care whether someone has a negative opinion of the furry community, but please respect the work that was put into this project at least. How can I support the mod?Although the mod itself is released under a free license, I won't accept financial contributions, in order to respect the wish of the community for The Dark Mod to not be used commercially. The most important way in which you can support my mod is to use it: If you're a fantasy mission creator who is a fan of anthro characters, include this into your FM and add the characters to your world! Also, if you notice any bugs or wish to improve something, feel free to inform me or send me your contribution or open a pull request on GitHub. Lastly, if you believe the characters might match the theme and quality standards needed for inclusion, support adding them to The Dark Mod!
  5. I've been wanting to post this topic for many months now. It's a continuation to ideas I posted a while back, regarding my wish to create a total conversion for TDM, adding a cyberpunk theme alongside the original steampunk world. The reason for making a new thread is that I have a plan laid out by now, but will need help from the community with it. I wish to know how many people would be willing to help out, so that I may know whether I should start laying out the foundation of this project. I will explain exactly what I plan to do in the form of a FAQ below, so that I can easily cover every aspect. This is going to be long, so make sure you have some time before diving into it! If you want to go straight to the points about what I require and skip the rest, read the titles in red which cover the essential paragraphs. What is this all about?The idea is in part inspired by one of the favorite games in my childhood, DeusEx - The Conspiracy. I used to spend weeks playing through it every few months, drawn by its adventurous story and its dark yet appealing environments. Since the last few years, it's been a dream of mine to create a FOSS cyberpunk stealth game with RPG elements, that would be entirely unique (similarly to how TDM is unique from Thief) yet have the same feel and atmosphere I loved about it (once again like TDM has the same atmosphere as Thief). My earliest thoughts were on trying to achieve this in Xonotic, which is a GPL licensed arena-type shooter I've been a long time contributor to. Of course I eventually abandoned the idea... mostly given that Xonotic has no features for single-player mechanics, such as saving / loading or any kind of AI except bots treated as real players. Then more than two years ago, I finally discovered The Dark Mod. After playing it for some time, I quickly realized it's by far my best option to making such a project come true. Why The Dark Mod, instead of building the game from scratch? It was designed to be a steampunk stealth game after all!The first reason why I want to use TDM as a basis is that it already has every crucial mechanic I need, in terms of AI and interaction and world programming. It does of course lack a lot of the features I ultimately hope to include, although most are optional and I could attempt scripting them at a later stage... for now little to no game code chances would be required. The most significant features are the AI (very advanced and intelligent), carefully balanced gameplay plus other common ideas, as well as the mapping system with its intelligent area portals. It should also be considered that while I'm usually a competent contributor, I'm terrible when it comes to programming something from the ground up, so there's no other way this could happen as a FOSS project unless I hire an entire team. The project aims to be a stealth game that works the same way after all, so why not? To exemplify what I mean: You can open DarkRadiant and build a medieval town with a tavern, then add a guard patrolling the tavern with a bow and a sword. In the conversion, you'll be able to build a futuristic city with a club, and have a guard patrol that club with a knife and a rifle. In both cases, the AI will do exactly the same things with equally correct results: The guards take the same patrol routes, chase after the player the same way, vocally alert one another in the same fashion, and search rooms and hiding spots as efficiently once the player disappears from view. There is no "medieval patrol style" versus "futuristic patrol style", the choices and decisions are exactly the same! The only considerable difference will be the assets and animations and settings. The second reason is that I'm a fan of the idTech engines as well as gtkRadiant based editors. idTech 4 is in fact one of my favorite engines in the line, due to how intuitively it was designed at its core and how much it pulled off during its day. Its only problem is that it hasn't had as many developers forking and modernizing it, unlike idTech 3 with say Daemon engine (for Unvanquished)... that is of course not its fault, and in part due to being open-sourced much more recently in comparison. How exactly would the mod work? Are you thinking of creating your own TDM fork?I don't plan to create an actual fork of TDM, which would be impossible to maintain on my own and only divide the community and its efforts. My plan is to create a mod that will run on top of vanilla TDM, adding new content without affecting any of the existing functionality. The mod would be distributed as one or many pk4 files, which are simply dropped into the main directory next to the stock pk4's! Its assets will be grouped under the mod's own name, so that they're always distinguishable from the normal ones... just like every default component is listed in a "thedarkmod" directory inside DarkRadiant, they would be listed in a "howeverthiswillbecalled" group. Once you have the pk4(s) of the mod inside your TDM installation, normally download any mission using them it in order to play it! So missions will be able to use entities and assets from both stock TDM and this mod?My plan is to allow that, and nothing should prevent maps with mixed assets. Keep in mind however that I ultimately want the mod to be independent, and encourage relevant missions to only use textures and entities included with it rather than a mix! If you take out every single stock TDM asset (excluding md5anim's which will be reused) the mod will be expected to work on its own. Will the new assets also be non-commercial?Unlike vanilla TDM, I don't wish to include any CC-*-NC and CC-*-ND assets with the mod. That's primarily because I find them limiting, and feel that they ruin the openness of the project. Is there a name for the mod yet?I've been thinking about it but haven't fully decided so far. I want it to be something familiar and related to TDM; Initially I wanted to call it The Dark Modern, but that sounds rather silly. The name I'm considering now is The Dark Machina, which retains familiarity with TDM and is also more theme relevant... further suggestions are appreciated. What is the benefit for the community? Why should anyone put any effort into this?The project is targeted to everyone in the TDM community who alongside a steampunk stealth game, would enjoy a cyberpunk stealth game of equal or greater visual fidelity... with exactly the same base gameplay and core functionality, but an entirely different world and atmosphere. The project will be publicly available on a Git repository of its own (most likely Gitlab), and anyone will be able to easily install it on top of vanilla TDM. Simply put: If you help and things go according to plan, you'll have a triple-A scifi game inspired by the look and feel of the DeusEx series, just as you currently have a triple-A game victorian game inspired by the look and feel of Thief. What do you need help with exactly? What would others have to do?Obviously I'm not asking others to do the work for me. But at the same time, it's not something I can just go ahead and do on my own either! For this reason I've come up with a plan, which would allow contributions to happen gradually whenever someone willing to dedicate their time to helping adds something new. This is mainly a call to existing TDM developers, who know best how to export and define new assets. If the project takes off, based on the answers I get in this thread, the starter plan is as follows: I will be creating two Git repositories. One will be the official repository of the mod, which will contain assets in working format and condition... the other will contain images, sounds, blend files, and other resources in their native format. This will include freely licensed assets I find on the internet, which I will hand pick and tweak to make sure they're in the readiest state possible, then sort them in a way that's easy to work with. Most will be taken from http://opengameart.org and http://www.blendswap.com and I'll likely use a few things from Xonotic altogether! The assets included in this repository are to be exported and / or converted to TDM compatible formats, then included in the real mod repository. A list will be maintained in order to keep track of which assets have already been ported. Every ported asset can be issued as a pull request, or sent to me personally in case the contributor doesn't have access to the Git service that will be used. The rigging, exporting, and conversion processes are what I require the community's help with! As far as models textures and sounds go, no new content will need to be created... I plan to use freely licensed resources which are already available and plenty, enough to create a full mod out of. Obviously I'll be doing some of the exporting and definition writing myself, but since there will be so much new content I can't do it all on my own... unless I dedicate every waking hour of my life to it for over an year, which would be more than I can handle TLDR: I'll be compiling a repository of game-ready assets, such as textures and models and sounds. Anyone who wishes to help is only asked to pick them up, adjust the TDM specific necessities (exporting to md5, creating material definitions, etc) and publicize the results for inclusion. So no new content is going to be needed?For the most part, no. There is only one exception to this rule: Voices. As they're something TDM specific, they have to be created to match the world and what's happening in it. They are however not a priority, and can happen at a later stage in the project. Until then we can live with a few cyborg troops saying things like "in the name of the Lord Builder, you shall go to the gallows, you heretic" Other than that, I will eventually want to add new functionality. Including a Minecraft type inventory system, computer chips the player can install into their suit or body in order to gain enhancements (modules / augmentations / whatever), and most importantly a re-implementation of the interactive touchscreens in Doom 3. Those are however even more distant needs in comparison, and not what this thread will focus on at this point... I plan to look into such once I'm sure there are enough contributors to be certain this is happening altogether. What do you need done for each type of asset explicitly?Here is a list of every new asset type the mod is going to introduce, and the steps I estimate to be required for each: Characters: I will be offering the blend files of all characters scheduled for inclusion. They will contain the mesh, textures, as well as the rig that the character comes with (if available). Steps to be taken include: Rigging the character to the TDM animation skeleton after using the original rig for initial posing (including face rigging), generating the shadow mesh, making sure polygon count is within acceptable limits, and finally exporting to md5. Lastly, generating and tweaking the character definitions (stats, team, social status, voice, etc) and the material definitions for the character's textures, which should be all that's needed for the model to become a working character. Notice: I'll be preparing a blend file containing the simplified / optimized TDM rig in order to ease the process, including the face rig which I remember had to be extracted from existing characters. Models: A similar process would be needed with static models and simple entities: They will be distributed as blend files which include the model and texture, and need to be exported to ase / lwo, with entity and material definitions in place. Textures: Most will likely be distributed as jpg and png, and will need to be converted to dds and tga. The material definitions will need to be created as usual. Sounds: Will be distributed as wav or ogg, which normally don't need to be converted. Sound definitions need to be created however.As far as specific TDM functions go, this is how I intend the modifications to work per component: Weapons: The plan is to keep each weapon the same in terms of purpose and functionality, and mainly modify the models animations and sounds. The same core code will therefore be used by each, but new entity definitions should be made in order to not affect maps using the existing items while the mod is installed. Menu: When a mission intended for the mod is installed, the main menu will use different textures and a different background song... no modifications to the entries or functionality will be made otherwise. I'm uncertain as to how this can be achieved, although it is lower on the priority list.What will be the modern equivalent of existing TDM items, as well as new content?Like I said, I plan to keep the functionality and purpose roughly the same, at least for a while. Therefore items will serve the same goals, and work almost exactly like the existing ones in TDM... it will be basically the names and appearances that change. The important replacements I currently have planned include: Weapons: Blackjack becomes Police Baton or Taser. Sword becomes Knife. Bow becomes Crossbow or Sniper (arrow types and behaviors unchanged). Items: Lantern becomes Flashlight or Keychain Light. Telescope becomes Binoculars. Compass remains Compass. Snake and Triangle lockpicks become Physical and Electronic lockpick (mechanical doors are unlocked with the first, electronic doors with the later). Potions become Medkits, Syringes, or special types of enhancements.As far as completely new content goes in regard to items and entities, here is a rough list so far: Books & Notes: Alongside the existing books and notes, laptops / smartphones / tablets will be added. They are unrelated to future plans for interactive screens, and simply refer to new types of visuals for readable items found throughout the world. Lighting: The replacement to existing candles and torches will mostly consist of desk lamps, particularly neon and LED based ones. Characters: A similar structure of factions will be followed, compared to the existing guards + thieves + civilians + beggars + nobles. In this case the main categories will be: Police (ideally different suits for various units), gang members (once again different clothing for each gang), with modern looking civilians of various classes. There will also be entirely new outfits covering jobs existent in modern times, such as scientists or industrial workers. Robots: The existing code behind the Steambot will be used to implement multiple kinds of security drones patrolling an area. Especially in early stages before new scripts are considered, they can have the same function of only sounding an alarm when the enemy is spotted. Props: There will be various modern props added throughout the world, depending on what content I find. This will include: Flaming barrels for poorer areas, futuristic cars and bikes parked on the sidewalks, televisions that play videos (in case itTech 4 allows video textures), and the list goes on.Closing thoughts:First of all, thank you for reading this enormous post, regardless of whether you wish to support the project or not. This is something I've dreamed of creating for a while now, and I really hope at least a few artists out there are willing to support it! Please leave your thoughts if you want, as well as voting on the pool so I can more easily estimate the help I may expect.
  6. I'll start with some background on what brought up this idea; As some users may know, I've been working on a large mod for TDM, which aims to introduce cyberpunk assets for futuristic worlds... it's called The Dark Module and is currently being discussed in this thread. One of the many types of assets I'll need in order to complete this project are new player models; I've already ported the character set from Xonotic, but will be needing more models in order to create civilians. I've thought of the most efficient way to achieve this: MakeHuman! For those who haven't heard of it, MakeHuman is a tool that can be used to easily create human characters; You choose from a selection of geometries / materials / rigs, adjust several parameters defining the shape and size of your character, then export to one of many formats. Its default assets are also licensed under CC0 / Public Domain. http://www.makehuman.org So why I am bringing this up here? Well I've already used Makehuman to create characters for Blender animations. Likewise I've also exported many characters from Blender to TheDarkMod so far, and know how the skeleton and mesh need to be defined. The problem is that setting up a TDM character in Blender is very time consuming, especially the rigging part... Makehuman on the other hand can automate the process if given the right data to work with; You may create plugins for custom rigs, as well as custom exporters for a multitude of formats! Since I'll want to create a lot of civilian characters for my mod, I could definitely use the convenience of having MakeHuman export the final md5mesh instead of me having to go through Blender with each one. What I'm basically looking for is two things: A md5 exporter for MakeHuman. It needs to be capable of exporting to md5mesh format, have proper material definitions, as well as generate the low-poly shadow mesh. A custom rig compatible with TheDarkMod's animations. The rig simply needs to contain the bones and vertex weights used by TDM so the model animates properly out-of-the-box.Apparently there were people working on such, however I can't find anything up to date let alone a download. I was only able to find this video as far as an exporter goes: If both of those things can be made, it would be a huge advantage for many mod and mission creators; People will have the ability to create custom characters for TDM in a matter of minutes, something that normally takes days to do! However I have zero idea how to build a md5 exporter, and also don't know if I can use Blender to create a custom MakeHuman rig preset. Would anyone be willing to help at least on a MakeHuman rig for the TDM joints?
  7. I created this script for personal use, but thought it would be of enough interest to share here. I'm in the process of porting a few texture packs into TDM from Xonotic... each texture containing a diffuse / normal / specular map, as well as optionally a glow / reflection map. Obviously I don't want to have to manually create the same material for every texture, so I made a script to do it for me! Usage: Save this as a .sh file and place it in your texture pack's directory, next to the texture pack's subdirectories. Adjust the variables to match your texture package. Then just run the script: A mtr file should be generated, containing entries for each texture based on the maps it offers. #!/bin/bash # idTech4 material generator, by MirceaKitsune # texture pack info name="mypack" author="myself" # file and directory paths base="textures/mymod/${name}" mat="tdm_${name}.mtr" ext="tga" # special maps map_glow="glow" map_norm="norm" map_gloss="gloss" map_reflect="reflect" cubemap="env/gen2" # special parameter param="metal" rm "./${mat}" echo "// Name: ${name}" >> "./${mat}" echo "// Author: ${author}" >> "./${mat}" echo "// Material Directory: ${base}" >> "./${mat}" for d in *; do if [[ -d "${d}" ]]; then cd "./${d}" for f in *.tga; do if [[ -f "${f}" ]] && [[ "${f}" != *"_${map_glow}.${ext}"* ]] && [[ "${f}" != *"_${map_norm}.${ext}"* ]] && [[ "${f}" != *"_${map_gloss}.${ext}"* ]] && [[ "${f}" != *"_${map_reflect}.${ext}"* ]]; then f_noext=$(echo "${f}" | cut -d "." -f 1) echo "" >> "../${mat}" echo "${base}/${d}/${f_noext}" >> "../${mat}" echo "{" >> "../${mat}" echo " qer_editorimage ${base}/${d}/${f_noext}" >> "../${mat}" echo " description \"${name}, ${d}, ${f_noext}\"" >> "../${mat}" echo "" >> "../${mat}" echo " ${param}" >> "../${mat}" echo "" >> "../${mat}" echo " diffusemap ${base}/${d}/${f_noext}" >> "../${mat}" if [[ -f "${f_noext}_${map_norm}.${ext}" ]]; then echo " bumpmap ${base}/${d}/${f_noext}_${map_norm}" >> "../${mat}" fi if [[ -f "${f_noext}_${map_gloss}.${ext}" ]]; then echo " specularmap ${base}/${d}/${f_noext}_${map_gloss}" >> "../${mat}" fi if [[ -f "${f_noext}_${map_glow}.${ext}" ]]; then echo "" >> "../${mat}" echo " // Glow" >> "../${mat}" echo " {" >> "../${mat}" echo " blend add" >> "../${mat}" echo " map ${base}/${d}/${f_noext}_${map_glow}" >> "../${mat}" echo " }" >> "../${mat}" fi if [[ -f "${f_noext}_${map_reflect}.${ext}" ]]; then echo "" >> "../${mat}" echo " // Reflection" >> "../${mat}" echo " {" >> "../${mat}" echo " maskcolor" >> "../${mat}" echo " map makealpha(${base}/${d}/${f_noext}_${map_reflect})" >> "../${mat}" echo " }" >> "../${mat}" echo " {" >> "../${mat}" echo " blend gl_dst_alpha, gl_one" >> "../${mat}" echo " maskalpha" >> "../${mat}" echo " cubeMap ${cubemap}" >> "../${mat}" echo " texgen reflect" >> "../${mat}" echo " }" >> "../${mat}" fi echo "" >> "../${mat}" echo " // Frob highlighting" >> "../${mat}" echo " {" >> "../${mat}" echo " if ( parm11 > 0 )" >> "../${mat}" echo " blend gl_dst_color, gl_one" >> "../${mat}" echo " map _white.tga" >> "../${mat}" echo " rgb 0.40 * parm11" >> "../${mat}" echo " }" >> "../${mat}" echo " {" >> "../${mat}" echo " if ( parm11 > 0 )" >> "../${mat}" echo " blend add" >> "../${mat}" echo " map ${base}/${d}/${f_noext}" >> "../${mat}" echo " rgb 0.15 * parm11" >> "../${mat}" echo " }" >> "../${mat}" echo "" >> "../${mat}" echo " // TDM Ambient Method" >> "../${mat}" echo " {" >> "../${mat}" echo " if ( global5 == 1 )" >> "../${mat}" echo " blend add" >> "../${mat}" echo " map ${base}/${d}/${f_noext}" >> "../${mat}" echo " scale 1, 1" >> "../${mat}" echo " red global2" >> "../${mat}" echo " green global3" >> "../${mat}" echo " blue global4" >> "../${mat}" echo " }" >> "../${mat}" echo "}" >> "../${mat}" fi done cd ".." fi done
  8. I am in need of an ASE exporter for Blender. I tried KatsBits ASE export, but it's so old that modern Blender versions don't even list the addon after it's installed. Someone made a thread about an ASE importer recently, but no exporter. I can export to lwo for the time being, but still prefer ase for own reasons.
  9. I've been wondering whether it might make sense to consider adding child NPC's to character arsenal of TDM. If of course we had a model artist wanting to create one, and a real life teen willing to record a new voice package. Currently I'm thinking of two categories: Children from poor families who are dirty and dressed in rags, and children from rich families who are dressed as lords. Art wise, I think it would add more detail and diversity to the populations of towns, which is the same reason why I suggested pets a while ago. It could also help put more accent on family life in the medieval age, as actual families (man + woman + children) could be found living in homes which the player can visit. Another reason is that the story of a mission might want to include kids as actors, especially since we have artists who create TDM missions based on books. Hint: Until official child NPC's would exist, a hack to do this with the existing ones might be possible. You could create an entity definition which scales down the model and bounding box of a normal NPC, then scales the head up slightly to make it larger than the body. Main problem is they would still use the voices of adults, which would probably sound very weird in most cases. Also, because I know someone will eventually bring this up: I'm aware that certain people will find the idea controversial, simply because kids could (like every other NPC) get killed by the player, which is known to make some people angry even when it's just art. Hopefully everyone understands this is a suggestion intended for extra detail, and to give more artistic choices to the mapper. Unless the mission will require it as an objective, which I seriously doubt anyone will do, no one will have to watch kids die unless they intentionally want to be evil. So that's hopefully out of the way.
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