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Found 8 results

  1. TDM 2.07 is ready for beta test Windows, Full Install: 1 - Create a darkmod folder anywhere you like. 2 - Download the TDM Updater. Extract tdm_update.exe from the downloaded ZIP and place it in your darkmod folder. 3 - Download a special tdm_mirrors.txt file and place it in your darkmod folder. 4 - Start tdm_update.exe. Remember to use the --keep-mirrors setting when running tdm_update. (On the main window, click the "Advanced Options" button and check the first box.) Windows, 2.06 to 2.07 Upgrade: 1 - Download a special tdm_mirrors.txt file and place it in your darkmod folder. 2 - Start tdm_update.exe. Remember to use the --keep-mirrors setting when running tdm_update. (On the main window, click the "Advanced Options" button and check the first box.) Windows, Full install with freyk's installer: 1 - Download the installer from here. 2 - Run the installer. Choose where to install TDM, and maybe other settings. 3 - When tdm_update starts, download a special tdm_mirrors.txt file and place it into the installation directory (where tdm_update.exe should already be located). 4 - At the same moment, enable --keep-mirrors setting. (On the main window, click the "Advanced Options" button and check the first box.) 5 - Proceed as usual. Linux, Full Install: 1 - Create a darkmod folder anywhere you like. 2 - Download the Linux version of the TDM Updater and extract it to your darkmod folder. 64-bit build of tdm_update can be downloaded separately from here. 3 - Download a special tdm_mirrors.txt file and place it in your darkmod folder. 4 - Make tdm_update.linux executable: "chmod +x tdm_update.linux" 5 - Run the updater. Remember to use the --keep-mirrors setting. If you are running 64-bit build of tdm_update, also use --noselfupdate key. Linux, 2.06 to 2.07 Upgrade: 1 - Download a special tdm_mirrors.txt file and place it in your darkmod folder. 2 - Run the updater. Remember to use the --keep-mirrors setting. P.S. If you have buggy graphics immediately after update from 2.06, try to restart game. If this does not help, you can also try to delete darkmod.cfg as a last resort fix (probably backup it beforehand). New features in 2.07 Graphics: 1) Finished the move to FBO-based rendering and implemented proper antialiasing. It is recommended to reset config file, or at least set r_useFBO 1 and r_fboResolution 1 manually. 2) Numerous FBO-related fixes: reloadImages now works, quickload no longer crashes, no more duplicate renders, etc. 3) New experimental mode of rendering shadows ("Maps") --- can be switched on in Video/Advanced menu. 4) Softness of soft shadows can be controlled by emitter_size spawnarg. Beware: "Maps" and "Stencil" modes of rendering shadows treat it in absolutely different way! 5) Added "soft gamma": implementation of gamma correction not subject to color banding. Configured via cvars r_ambientMinLevel and r_ambientGamma. Sound: 1) New syntax for EFX files (Version 2): allows using presets from openal-soft. See syntax in 4815 (to be added to wiki page later). 2) Sounds which should not be affected by environment are marked as no_efx. 3) Enabled HRTF by default for better positional sound: works properly only with headphones. Generic: 1) FrobHelper: tiny white dot appears in the center of the screen (can be disabled in menu). 2) Mouse sensitivity in the main menu should be similar to one in Windows. 3) Precision fixes: dmap and collision-related gameplay are affected. 4) tdm_update: probably improved VCRedist installation, built preliminary Linux 64-bit version (cannot self-update yet). Assets: 1) A pack of assets added. Expect a 400 MB differential package! And other improvements, additions, fixes, and optimizations.. More details can be seen in What's new wiki article and in the roadmap. Important cvars Old: * r_useFBO: enables/disables FBO rendering. It is now ON by default. * r_fboResolution: coefficient for internal rendering resolution (takes effect only when FBO is on). 2 means double resolution. Works like SSAA. Very high performance cost. * r_softshadowsradius: Determines how large the light center is for light sources. Negative value overrides emitter_size spawnarg. (partly configurable in video settings GUI) * r_softshadowsquality: Determines how many gradients for shadows. Larger values produce smoother blending at more performance cost. (configurable in video settings GUI) New: * r_ambientMinLevel: adds specified value to ambient light (linear correction). * r_ambientGamma: applies specified gamma exponent to ambient light (gamma correction). * r_shadows 2: enables new "Maps" implementation of shadows. (configurable in video settings GUI) * r_shadowMapSize: defines resolution of shadow maps with "Maps" implementation of shadows. More = better, less = faster. * r_fboSharedDepth 1: avoid depth buffer copy (work only with AA off). Do not use unless you have Intel GPU. Notes 1 - This effort is to find out if we broke anything in TDM with our 2.07 changes, if a new 2.07 feature isn't working correctly, or if some major bug retaining after 2.06 is not fixed yet. We won't be trying to fix bugs that have been around for a long time. The best that could be done now for such old-living bugs is to create an issue in bugtracker (if not yet present). 2 - If you find something wrong and still have 2.06 and/or 2.05 versions in your hands, please test the same thing in 2.06 and 2.05. If it is a new 2.06 feature that isn't working, then by all means mention the problem here. Bugs introduced in the previous 2.06 release are also subject to discussion. 3 - Please try to be specific when reporting a problem. What you were doing, where you were when the problem occurred, can you reproduce it, etc. Most likely, developer will ask the contents of your darkmod.cfg and console log (condump and logFile 2 are used to save it). And, since there are now 32- and 64-bit versions of TDM, please note which you're using. 4 - If you're a developer, please test all the bugtracker issues you were involved in since 2.06 was out. If you are not, choose a random mission and play =) Thank you for testing !
  2. I have an FM that I think is ready for Beta testing. It's a standalone mission, fairly simple. From the readme: A new plague threatens Bridgeport. There are rumors of a cure - let's see if you can find it, and get it to the people who deserve it. The mission briefing: It's been four years since I last build an FM, so this is my attempt at putting my toes in the water once again. The previous mission got though beta testing, but then I tried to expand it and clean it up at the same time, and it fell apart and I put it aside. This time I plan to stick with modding for several reasons, not the least of which is that I have much more free time (recently retired). Anyway, I would appreciate anyone who could take a look and see if I'm even in the ballpark. Once I have some volunteers I'll create a new thread in the Beta Testing forum. Thanks, Jeff
  3. Hello there! I'm putting the finishing touches on my first full fan mission, with the goal of putting it on my portfolio. Because I want this to be the best example of my work, could you guys give me some feedback on my current build? I want to finish this up soon, but still want to get one last round of critique in. So: Nothing's Sacred In this mission, the player is tasked with stealing a religious artifact from Baron Magnus, a devout Builder who has amassed his wealth from shipping. Magnus is keeping it somewhere in his manor, a former Builder church that he's repurposed into his estate. Some notes: I'm mainly looking for feedback on the environment and decoration. Art has been one of my weaker skills for a while, so I've spent the past couple months solely working on this aspect of the level so I can get some practice. For that matter, feedback on use of sound would be helpful as well. Design feedback is welcome, too, though at this stage major changes to the level layout would be a logistical nightmare. I'll gladly take advice, it's just that some of that might need to be put into the "For Next Time" folder. Please also keep in mind that this is supposed to be an easier level, with a fairly linear beginning that covers the basics before branching out further on (think the intro mission from Thief II). Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6PSlQNxhtKoRFFsSG9SNFpaNFU/view?usp=sharing Feel free to post your feedback below, or email me at thefakejaredmitchell [at] gmail [dot] com. Thank you very much!
  4. After two years of hard work The Accountant 2: New In Town is finally ready for open beta testing. I am looking for 3 to 4 people to help me beta test who have the following: Attention to detailAre comfortable with testing a large mission (average playthrough is 2-3 hours)Have an open mind (things get a little weird in AC2 and it definitely breaks the norm of what you expect in TDM)Are able to play through at least twiceAre able to give constructive criticism (preferably in the way of screenshots but video is fine too)If you fit the criteria above and are interested please let me know in this thread. Those who are interested but don't have beta forum access just let me know and i'll pm Springheel and annoy him until he gives you access! The beta will begin early next week so look for the forum thread in the beta forum then. For those who missed it here's the gameplay trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6e_SJ0_JOM
  5. Hello! I just finished a map, called Condolences - first effort ever - and I would like to invite some testers to get some opinions what to change, tweak, or whether it's good at all. Being the first map I ever made the ambition was a bit higher than the knowledge of Dark Radiant, thus some minor and major issues with performance are still present, hopefully I will find a way to make it better. Thanks in advance GGP85
  6. This is my first mission and I'd like to make it available for beta testing. My original plan was for a larger, more complex mission but I decided to keep it simple, since it was my first try. It's pretty straight-forward, nothing very innovative. After beta testing, I may decide to release it as is, or complete the full mission. What I've implemented so far is basically the middle third of the full mission. So I'm likely to take any feedback and use it to improve this part of the mission, and then expand it to the full mission. But we'll see. Anyway, I would appreciate any feedback. Here it is: https://drive.google...dit?usp=sharing Thanks, Jeff
  7. It's testing time! Come discover mysterious flashing textures... Try to escape the confines of the map and survive... Confront AIs to see if they really are artificially intelligent... Discover sights not seen by anyone other than me! Experience experiences no others have experienced! Significant Other doesn't listen to you? Your suggestions ignor...erm...welcomed here! Ensure future players have a fun experience! Cure baldness, enlarge breasts, and strengthen finger muscles! (Note: Promises of enlarged baldness, cured breasts, and carpal tunnel syndrome not guaranteed. No undead were harmed in the making of this mission.) All this may be yours for the low-low price of replying to this post or sending a PM to me. Don't wait, contact now, toll free, initial respondents receive a direct link to download the mission using state of the art digital technology with manual installation. Doesn't include a free set of Ginsu steak knives, or any of the lack-of-wit in this post.
  8. I've already had a few friends test my map, and done a lot of work since then, both on the design and the game-play. Waiting to hear back from 2 more on the current version, and I figured that now would be a good time to ask if a few experienced Dark Mod players would like to give a hand. The version that is right now is as close as it gets to the final version and the only thing I am reluctant to adding, is a simplistic cinematic. A couple of key notes: -A few areas are very performance consuming, so a strong CPU/RAM is handy in 2 areas in specific. -'The garden' Has LOD levels configured, so if your frames are getting unbearable you can adjust LOD in options with good results. -To control performance consumption I have unfortunately had to use auto-close doors, in some parts of the map. I prefer not to use it, but it was necessary to ensure play-ability. Same goes for distance controlled vis-portals in some windows. -Some windows don't have vis-portals directly on top of them, for the sake of visual effect. This has some places a side-effect on the way sound travels, but nothing major. If you're interested in helping me polish this map, then I would greatly appreciate it, and hopefully give everyone else a nice map to play as soon as possible. I'll make sure to sort the interested out in private messages, but feel free to write here. P.S. Obviously don't post spoilers.
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