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Found 1 result

  1. TheDarkMod offers 64-bit build since 2.06, and I can't recall any issues with with it since then. I guess most of the people use 64-bit executable now. As far as I know, developers have long stopped testing 32-bit build Additionally, there is one recent gigantic FM which has too high memory requirements. As far as I remember, it cannot be dmapped with 32-bit build at all. For the sake of clarity: 64-bit executables are: TheDarkModx64.exe, thedarkmod.x64, tdm_update.linux64 32-bit executables are: TheDarkMod.exe, thedarkmod.x86, tdm_update.linux We plan to deprecate 32-bit builds after 2.08. Here is exactly what would change: The website will offer 64-bit updater for Linux by default (now it offers 32-bit one). The updater will install only 64-bit game executables. 32-bit executables will not be packaged with the rest of the game. Developers will not test 32-bit build. Well, they don't test it now anyway The 32-bit executables for the latest TDM release will be available as a separate download on website, without minimal-to-none testing. Of course, we will not do anything to break 32-bit builds and will not remove any parts of it. On developer side, we will still maintain 32-bit build, just with minimum effort. We will still ensure that it compiles, and probably test it from time to time. I'd like to ask all the players with 32-bit OS to respond to this thread. You are the ones who will have to download the separate 32-bit executables to continue playing. If you can play 64-bit executable but think 32-bit ones are useful in any regard, please post a comment too.
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