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Found 1 result

  1. Okay , so , I know the forums are probably full with this...And people get annoyed by it.. But I've gotta write it , so the devs can know I'm really thankful and stuff. Okay so lets start. This mod is awesome to say the least , graphically its alright , at least for people who care about the gameplay more then the actual look of the game. (And judging by people who play the mod , they do value gameplay more.) I love the downloadable maps , I do crave for a campaign with a story but this just makes me feel more like a thief. (Rich location , I rob it , I go away.) I actually was gonna play it before , but I could not get it to work with my Doom 3 copy , but I'm glad I didn't , because now its standalone , and I like it for that even more. The gameplay itself is pure oldschool Thief feel , just without the really ugly lightning effects. I also love the freedom of movement. Like leaning forward , left , right , also the ability to walk really slow. All in all I'm saying this is just what I was looking for while waiting for Thi4f , even though this one is looking more like Dishonored (Circle menus , "super powers?") and a Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Kill / Knockout animations are scripted) baby tbh , witch both are "Stealthy" games , but do have a large emphasis on action... Anyways , thank you , devs , for making me feel young again with this , and since I'm here I do have a small question to ask. -- Is there any way possible to tweak the arrowhead damage? So it would be an instakill? - I know its stupid , but I would love to have that option if possible. - That's it from me. )
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