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Found 5 results

  1. So, I'm working on a stealth game prototype in Unreal Engine 4, and I although I have a pretty solid idea of the gameplay mechanics I want to implement in it, I'm curious what other people might want to see in their 'ideal' stealth game. Currently, I have the following somewhat-extensive list of features in mind, aside from the obvious light measurement system: Manual movement speed and stance adjustment via mouse wheel scroll. (See Splinter Cell 1) Increasing movement speed increases the noise you make. Analog leaning via a modifier key and mouse movement. (See Joe Wintergreen's stealth game prototype) Analog door, handle, switch, latch, window and lid manipulation via a modifier key and mouse movement. (See the Penumbra Trilogy) Size and weight-based inventory, where the more items you carry, the louder you are when you move. True first-person perspective, where you can see your character's body. All inventory items are physically represented on your character, and collide with the environment. The ability to climb, mantle, vault, shimmy, hang from and drop down from just about anything you could in real life (all the way down to ledges approximately 2-5 cm deep.) Realistic knock-outs, where the victim is only unconscious for a few seconds to a minute. The ability to tie up (and possibly gag) an unconscious victim. Body dragging and carrying. AI that will search under furniture, in containers and above their heads to try to locate the player. A toggle-able free-look, where the player's view is independent from where their body is facing. Fit through any reasonably-sized gap in fences, gates, railings, etc. Regulate object throw type and throw strength via left or right mouse button and button hold time. A static map and a compass as usable inventory items. Simulated or semi-simulated lock picking. Leaning against thin doors and walls allows you to hear what's on the other side. Obviously, a lot of these features are subject to change based on how clunky they turn out to be in practice. But now that I've put out my list of ideas, I'd like to hear from you all what you'd want to see in a new stealth game. I'm open to any and all suggestions, comments and criticisms, since I'm only just now beginning to prototype the game.
  2. Diego

    Gunpoint (game)

    Although it's advertised as a stealth game, that is secondary. Still, this is a nice game and it's on sale on steam right now (might also be on gog and its own site now or eventually) It's hard to explain the gameplay mechanics, so just take my word for it; it's original and FUN. The witty dialogues make me at least giggle every now and then. Short game, true, but very cheap too. I recommend it Here's a video:
  3. http://store.steampowered.com/app/235540/ Just watched my flatmate play this and the environments look great! Immediately thought of TDM, and how this might be inspiring for mappers. The levels I've seen was a sewer and then up to ground level through a medieval-styled town. Also, the gameplay looked nice, basically a L4D clone in the Warhammer universe, so with added RPG elements. (It's pretty gory and brutal FYI)
  4. Diego

    Dark Souls

    Anyone else played? I'm playing it since yesterday. It's clearly a good game, I really want to like it! but it requires too much dedication, an amount I'm not willing to give for a game anymore. This design is very similar to the 8 bit era design trend, games that are hard and require persistence and dedication. It's adapted, of course, it has checkpoints, therefore it has to be longer than those games (in order to be equivalent). I remember playing some of those games for months, each play through would get me a little further into the game. Some games I never finished! this is weird nowadays, right? games that we can't finish.
  5. I made a small game for the gamejolt contest, we had 9 days to come up with something following the theme of "chaos". My entry is called Not On My Watch, it's a parody of action hero movies, and the gameplay is all about running, knocking out bad guys recovering microchips and exploding everything. You can read more about the controls and rules at the same page of the game: Not On My Watch If anyone plays it let me know what you think I had completely forgotten about this! until now, that the winners were announced (I didn't even get a mention, oh shoot...). There are some pretty cool entries on this contest, if anyone has the patience to sort through the big list. I'm not particularly fond of the ones that won but judging creative things is subjective.
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