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Found 3 results

  1. The Creeps By Mortem Desino Available via the In-Game Downloader (approx. 60 MB) It crawls upon human minds why some are bound up in grave sins. For what does it profit a man if he remains devoted to the nether creatures? Surely such deeds shall earn no portion from the Lord Builder. Such a man has destroyed his high place in Heaven. --Bishop Deifer, Letters to the Builder Clerics This is a small experimental gameplay FM, exploring a few shock/creep/horror capabilities of TDM. It was designed to be played but one time: so give yourself some time to explore a relatively small space. Upd
  2. Winner: The Creeps! (Author: Mortem Desino) Rankings: 1) The Creeps (Mortem Desino) 83.98% 2) A Night to Remember (Fieldmedic) 82.95% 3) House in Blackbog Hollow (Stumpy) 75.78% 4) Dragon's Claw (Bikerdude) 70.10% 5) Samhain Night on Bone Hill (Pranqster) 67.70% Calculations:
  3. Halloween Speed-build Contest! Rules: Entrants must complete a mission by October 31th. The mission must have at least one element that evokes Halloween. Scary missions will be preferred but things like: playing tricks, finding candy, fall decoration (Gourds, Pumpkins, etc), Pagan harvest festivals, etc ... are all acceptable ways to evoke the holiday. Pre-built content is allowed but the author must describe which pre-built items are included. Good luck! The entrants have completed their missions. Here are the available missions: House in Blackbog Hollow (stumpy) Samhain
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