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Found 1 result

  1. What do I need to do to get surround (5.1) sound working? When I click on "STEREO" in the audio settings I get the following message UNABLE TO LOCATE 3D AUDIO Surround speakers not found. Make sure the speaker settings are configure properly in the Windows Control Panel. I believe I have configured my speaker settings properly in the Windows Control Panel. I have attached a screen capture of the error message and the relevant control panel windows. I'm running a Swedish Windows Installation, but I think the images will speak for themselves. The following is printed to the console when I try to change the speaker layout in TDM, and the complete console output is available in the attachments. Shutting down sound hardware sound: hardware reported unable to use multisound, defaulted to stereo sound: STEREO condump_soundFail.txt As can be seen in the console output, I have tried to fiddle around with the s_numSpeakers variable, but I will have to do some more reading and testing before I can say anything conclusive about that. Is this a direction that is worthwhile to explore further? In other threads about audio problems, e.g., http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/15121-headset-not-recognized-can-only-play-in-stereo/page__hl__surround__fromsearch__1, there is talk about OpenAL and third-party software installation. Is this required for 5.1 speaker systems? I would prefer to not install anything that would risk breaking other things. I have a 5.1 surround sound setup where audio is passed through the HDMI port of a graphics card to a Onkyo home theater receiver. I get proper 5.1 sound both while playing Skyrim and playing videos with Windows Media Player. System: Windows 7, 64bit NVIDIA GTX 580, driver version 314.07 Onkyo TX-NR609-1 Please ask if you need additional details. // Martin
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