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So, what are you working on right now?


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@noss, the more the merrier dude! having lots of pre-made models is always much faster than having to make patch-based func_static prefabs etc which Melan will attest to.

Wasn't me this time around. Pusianka is the one deserving the credits.


It is a nice Roman portal, but we need in first place multi purpose, common models. Too recognisable models can't be copied among one map. Do we have a list of "must do" objects?


This one's a bit better:


Essentially they're the same but I updated the wiki one by removing some of the things that have already got made and removed some non-working links. Keep in mind that it is still a very outdated list so do check if the models already been made if you decide to make something.

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Pusianka, I really like the idea of having more interesting architecture details as models, and the arch looks good, "reminds" you of a historical facade arch without really being specific about which style. As far as shape though, I must say that the relation between arch volume and opening seems to be too drastic - the outer and inner rings are too wide, and the total width of the arch shape is about one and a half that of the opening, which seems to be too much. Its not that you cant find facade archs that are really wide, but you would need many more "rings" or layers to it, like the pictures below:





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In "Somewhere Above the City" it was mushrooms.


In "In the North" it's path entities. Here's a portion of what exists today.


About 50% of this is dentritic.



I sense great coolness coming our way... ^_^


-The mapper's best friend.

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Those lines represent all the places that AI will visit while on their patrols (etc).



Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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can someone explain to me what's in the picture? Thank god we dont have such pictures on CAE exams...


AI path nodes. Walk here or there or there. From there walk to here and so forth. some of those may be waiting or animation nodes. such diversity may cause each single play session to be unique from another. With complex enough pathing even the mission author may not know where his AIs are and what they are doing.


-The mapper's best friend.

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So true. One of my lowly guards decided the best way from one RIT to another was through his Master's bedroom.






Hey, that gives me an idea to further improve RITs! You could have custom conversations fire up with it.


You could have some RIT path_corners in a area -say- forbidden for a servant. A dendritic servant RIT node takes the servant there anyway: the curious servant goes to the art-gallery to look at the paintings or something. The area contains a trigger_entityname entity, which fires up a conversation that makes a nearby guard rush to the area an tell the servant to get out or get his ass kicked.


-The mapper's best friend.

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I like it.


I've shied away from doing RIT conversations because I'd have to pick through the existing phrases and try to cobble together something that made sense.


Not something I wanted to spend time on at this point.


Maybe I'll revisit it when I get very close to the end of this thing.

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Xen, that last one is spot on dude, its like something out a commercial game, the hint of blue is really effective..Can I ask what fog light and the args/ colour you used..?


In fact I just had a realization - there would be no need to used a separate ambient world and fog light, which reduces perf, you could just add the required fog texture to the ambient world light and the then required shaderparm settings etc..

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