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So, what are you working on right now?


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Who said cobblestones aren't meant for use on buildings? Cobblestones just mean irregular, unshaped stones. Bricks are cut and basically rectangular. That's the only real difference.

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It somehow reminds me of the character creation dungeon in obvlivion. And that was definately created with some kind of 3d modeling software. It is truly remarkable how you are able to get similar level of detail with DR.


-The mapper's best friend.

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Johannes, you trully are my insiration. .Once I would like to have as much skills as you..


Its not as hard to create a good looking patches, but its wery hard to texture them as awesome as Johannes can. At least for me..

He was sneeking silently in the night, moonlight was his enemy.

(Im not a native speaker, sorry for all miscleanous caused by my english..)

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Johannes: how far along do you estimate your level to be in development? That is -- when can we expect to see it? :)

Come the time of peril, did the ground gape, and did the dead rest unquiet 'gainst us. Our bands of iron and hammers of stone prevailed not, and some did doubt the Builder's plan. But the seals held strong, and the few did triumph, and the doubters were lain into the foundations of the new sanctum. -- Collected letters of the Smith-in-Exile, Civitas Approved

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Johannes: how far along do you estimate your level to be in development? That is -- when can we expect to see it? :)


Mh, the geometry is relative well advanced....but there is much work to do around the map :ph34r: ...i prefer quality than imperfect work, so please give me the time i (/we) need.

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Working on taking a screenshot without locking up, lol.


So I'll just leave these editor shots. Have been wanting to do a canal/city mission for a long time. So this one is based around that. Will just be a simple heist mission.Long way to go, seems like a couple hours pass and I don't feel I've gotten anywhere...




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Dark is the sway that mows like a harvest

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I like it very much, particularly the nice amount of details, the non-orthogonal buildings, and the canal idea, of course. Only thing i would suggest, based on a place like Venice, is to have sections where the buildings walls are the actual canal (no sidewalk buffer between constructions and the river), which can create great variety of situations like small pprts around a corner, bridges crossing the river on several heights, areas so narrow the opposite facades almost touch, etc.

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Thanks. That stuff is definitely planned. I'd like this to be about 1/3 of the canal. Where it goes into the tunnel I'll have a bit of canal, probably a locked gate at the far end. On the other end it goes through a double arch and on that side I was going to have one side be wall/buildings, the other side I wanted some teirs/steps, so all the streets buildings will be higher up and tall bridge or two, maybe more business'. And past there it'll get slummy (start area, boat ride?).


The street by the tunnel will wrap up around a hill, and that'll be a city gate ritzy part of town where the heist will be. Hopefully I can work in a lot more a of a thieves highway area there with a brightly lit guarded street below. I'd like to work in a few different routes too but that all depends on how far I feel like going.

Dark is the sway that mows like a harvest

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I freaking love canals!


I've lived by the Thames my whole life so I'm generally interested in canals and riverways as methods as commerce overall. In my mind a city like Bridgeport would have quite a few waterways as well as buried rivers and things like London so this is a welcome looking level! =-)

"No proposition Euclid wrote,

No formulae the text-books know,

Will turn the bullet from your coat,

Or ward the tulwar's downward blow

Strike hard who cares—shoot straight who can—

The odds are on the cheaper man."


From 'Arithmetic on the Frontier' by Rudyard Kipling

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      Hello, Since this track is originally from TDM,i think it's better to ask here than TTLG. Do you guys have the full version of this ambient track?
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      Bachelor Mapping Challenge!
      The girlfriend will be away to her mum's place for almost a week, which means more mapping time for me! I'm planning a speed build. Hope it will go my way
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      Fm idea (braindump)
      "Experience the life of a mission builder"
      Esentially there are finnished elements placed somewhere in storage in the game and you have to place them in the correct places, build some walls here and there, add guard routes, give them their correct speech lines, etc. Decorate the places.. all in-game. lots of fun.. 😉
      If you do it right in the end you can play the mission.
      (would be even cooler if a thief-ai could play the mission, making it some kind of tower-defence game)
      This first started as an idea for an aquarium builder mission where-in you have to fill an empty aquarium with sand, waterplants, castles water and swimming fish. But above idea is more fun.
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      Dear ChatGPT, What are The Builders in the Dark Mod?
      The Builders is a popular game mode in the video game community called "Dark Mod," which is a fan-made tribute to the classic "Thief" series of stealth games. In this game mode, players assume the role of builders who construct structures in a dark and ominous environment while trying to avoid detection by patrolling guards.
      The Builders game mode is unique in that it offers players the opportunity to create and design their own levels using the in-game tools and resources provided. Players can experiment with different building materials, construct intricate traps and puzzles, and create their own unique gameplay experiences.
      While The Builders game mode is not an official part of the Dark Mod, it has become one of the most popular and well-loved aspects of the game, thanks to its emphasis on creativity, strategy, and stealth.
      You guys did not know that, did you?
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