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So, what are you working on right now?


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Nice! The third picture could use some more work (that wall is a tad unnatural), but the others are interesting.

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This is some pics from me playing around with Dark Radiant and TDM assets, there's no "story" to it, just playing around, but it could grow into something in time, who knows.


Is WIP btw. :)


















You are aware TDM already has a FM called "A House Of Locked Secrets" ? Or was it named that for another reason?


Also, the screenshots look good!

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When you dmap your map and enter it via map "mapname.map" and take screenshots, the screenshot will be named after the last mission played. So I assume, he just has played "A House of Locked Secrets" last, before testing his map / taking the screenshots.

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I've been on a DarkRadiant binge today and I'm coming down from the 20-something hour high. In the later part of the day I decided to experiment with cubemaps on textures and just generally try come up with good lookinpoint and ambient light, with satisfactory results:










Just the crappiest test map, but the materials weren't too hard to hack together. There's obvious oddities though, like the sofa being huge in that second screenshot. I know environment maps aren't supposed to align like real reflections do but the envshot command giving crappy pictures just exacerbates the issue. I guess there really isn't a proper cubemapping pipeline, you gotta make a material definition for every single texture, on every single cubemap you'd want to use.


I think it's definitely usable though, with some way blurrier and generic cubemaps (maybe even the default gen1) it gives a nice illusion of wood varnish, or a particularly wet surface. Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to crash to bed and sleep until next week. :wacko:

Yes, but it looks well most of all in the first picture.

The others looks like the overdone gloss in early Source games. Don't get me wrong. VERY good job!

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You can use scale and translate to tune the reflection better but, yes, parallax corrected cubemaps would be ideal:




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(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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