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So, what are you working on right now?

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@JackFarmer, thanks! I have devised a way my thief acquires the hand drawn map you saw, I think you’ll like the subtle nod and shout-out I’ve worked into the story.

The exteriors are pretty much done, next I’m finishing the interior rooms, then decorate, then place AI and everything else. So maybe by year’s end it’ll be ready, no rush.

As my father used to say, "A grenade a day keeps the enemy at bay!"

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Added some temporary lights to FM that is just entering beta - I guess there is not much to show if all lights are off in your mission...   http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/19886-fm-marsh-of-rahena-

Got back to DR and added a few rooms to my WIP ...          

I AM BACK! http://www.bilder-upload.eu/show.php?file=019e20-1434833332.jpg And as a direct picture with a bit less resolution:

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13 hours ago, Amadeus said:

fantastic work on those gondolas, Epi, but here I am admiring that beautiful castle in the distance

Thanks! It happened to be the only map I had to test with water and a working cubemap already setup. However one day when I'm ready to get back to work on it, I'm hoping to reshape it into a neat FM.

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You need a model? Epi does you a model.

Toss me a PM I promise I don't bite.

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On 10/13/2019 at 3:02 AM, AluminumHaste said:

Yeah, I've heard the map has ballooned in size and complexity. Looks like it's going to be pretty insane.

I have even created some issues about engine optimization specifically because of this map. There are some inefficient algorithms which never caused any trouble before, but start eating serious time here.

I wonder if this map is still being worked on, because honestly I have ignored all those issues recently...

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That's a sleek gondola, Epifire! Very moody.

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Come the time of peril, did the ground gape, and did the dead rest unquiet 'gainst us. Our bands of iron and hammers of stone prevailed not, and some did doubt the Builder's plan. But the seals held strong, and the few did triumph, and the doubters were lain into the foundations of the new sanctum. -- Collected letters of the Smith-in-Exile, Civitas Approved

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I like how you're getting better FPS in the second shot! ?

The atmosphere is thick as molasses, really digging it, and I love all the custom adverts/billboards you add to your missions! Core needs more of that imo.

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My Fan Missions:

   Series:                                                                           Standalone:

Chronicles of Skulduggery 1: Pearls and Swine                     The Night of Reluctant Benefaction

Chronicles of Skulduggery 2: A Precarious Position              Langhorne Lodge

Chronicles of Skulduggery 3: Sacricide




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Thanks guys!


The second screenshot not only has detail passes done but also has a lot of optimization work done too. 

Ive been working hard to keep the drawcalls around 1-2k. There are some 2.5 - 3k peak areas but those are only if you stand in specific spots and look at an angle that opens up all the vis portals. 

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