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So, what are you working on right now?


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@Geep HMart made a tracker entry along those lines once: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5045

Arcturus made an MD5 animated fish for his 'animated grass test' map; I imported the EoS one because it already had an AI def to build on.

@STRUNK I'll supply a download link once I've cleaned up the 'testbed' set-up (currently it's using a partial version of the Arx scriptobject, which it probably doesn't need just to swim around, but I need to check swapping in a generic TDM AI scriptobject doesn't break the animations).

Some things I'm repeatedly thinking about...


- louder scream when you're dying

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26 minutes ago, STRUNK said:


But will it grind?


Very nice! 😎

I'd suggest exporting it as .ase instead of .lwo, though. DR doesn't export smooth .lwo's in recent versions; DR's .ase's are also glitched in a similar way (every tri gets its own 3 verts instead of sharing with neighbours) but at least it looks ok ingame.

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1 minute ago, STRUNK said:


Didn't know that, but luckely I always export as .ase : )

That's weird, my DR (v2.7) doesn't produce the hard blocky surfaces I'm seeing in your spice grinder.

Btw, try looking at this:


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17 hours ago, VanishedOne said:

Arcturus made an MD5 animated fish for his 'animated grass test' map;

Siege Shop has a "school" of Arcturus' fish swimming the moat*. They were rotated and resized so there was variation. Then I bound each to a mover on a spline. My WIP pagan village map also has the same fish in a river.

They are nice, but would love to see more animated fish. And birds! I need some ravens.


*One pass in about a minute or so, swimming upstream.

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System: Mageia Linux Cauldron, aka Mageia 8

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Everytime I check this thread now, I get hungry...


Those are looking great though @STRUNK

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21 hours ago, Geep said:


Interesting, HMart was also referencing work done in Unity.

Boids is neat trick and a really old one the first time I saw it implemented, was on a very old benchmark from the now dead codecreatures company, this much before Unity even existed, so is not something particular to that engine, it exists in Unreal Engine, Cryengine and many others.

IMO the reason original idtech 4 has no such thing, is just because Doom 3 story and gameplay didn't needed it, is mostly used in games with large open spaces.

BTW even tho a boids system would be cool, I think you can use a particle or FX system to simulate this has well. 

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