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So, what are you working on right now?


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Ah, that little thing - I was reminded of it when I saw your cool submarine in The Lost Citadel. Who knows, maybe people will see it in a FM one day?

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I remember someone expressing interest in how I create what I called "virtual cubes" out of vis portals, to have open outdoor areas be more performance efficient. Figured I'd share this screenshot which exemplifies a part of it.

I tested this setup and can confirm it to work well: As long as the edges of portals touch accordingly you can connect them together. I haven't testing T junctures (the edge of a portal laying across the face of another portal) since that seemed inefficient, currently I divide across intersections to create two portals in this scenario... if the engine tolerates T shapes I might unify some of them to make the calculation even more simple for the computer.


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Thanks for your patience: A pk4 is now available containing my first release of the playable minigame. Just drop the pk4 into your FM directory and add the prefab to your map, dmap frob the screen and try it out! But remember it's a new feature tested only by me, there might be bugs so don't release any FM's with it just yet.


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11 hours ago, AluminumHaste said:

Ohhh I love snow missions!

Same, TDM could use more of them! This isn't a particular snow mission per say: It's the mountain area where it begins snowing, which happens after you complete the objective halfway throughout the FM... in the area between the other two towns it starts to rain instead.

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4 hours ago, JackFarmer said:


So, let me get this straight: Your next mission will have a city and a forest section?

There are three different cities connected by two forest areas in a line. My goal was to experiment with having 3 city hubs in one FM, where you can travel from town to town and have to complete certain objectives in between areas.

I didn't add weather effects in the towns themselves for performance and difficulty reasons, but have snowing in the mountains and raining in the forest. As the player navigates it creates the illusion that it starts / stops raining or snowing as you walk to different areas, so it doesn't look out of place for what's literally a miniature segment of a continent you can explore.

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On 7/29/2021 at 7:16 AM, nbohr1more said:

A little "No Honor Among Thieves" v4 preview. Not too revealing. See if you can spot the new texture I created...














Is there a release date for this masterpiece? Trying to cope with the fm drought watching those beautiful screenshots.

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19 minutes ago, refl3ks said:

Very good looking and great atmosphere! 

Did you include customized ambient tracks?

I recommend you to define efx as soon as possible cause it will definitely add to the mood and can become quite tiresome when added once everything has been finished.

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32 minutes ago, refl3ks said:

It's been quite a while since I last posted. My work-flow is a bit sporadic.

  • Map for 2 months straight
  • Burn out
  • Take a break for 6 months to a year
  • Repeat

Ha, this sounds like my workflow! But looking good though! Keep up the great work

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FMs: A Good Neighbor

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