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So, what are you working on right now?


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I didn't see a feature request for this in the 2.12 Roadmap, nor specifically addressed by bug reports returned by a search for "subtitle" and addressed during 2.11 work (namely  2454, 5914, 6197, 6230).

An argument could be made to have a new main menu setting for "subtitle language", separate from "[menu] language". This would be more flexible (and more like TV CC), but arguably less convenient.

I'm unsure if this is ripe for a request now, or needs a new forum thread to mull implications of possible implementations.

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I just posted a new bugtracker request, for the TDM 2.12 timeframe:

0006240: Create non-story "speech" English subtitle files for stock AI characters

If someone's already working on or planning this effort, I can help. Otherwise, it can be assigned to me (and help appreciated, particularly with srt and locating any available AI vocal scripts missing from the wiki).

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Edit: looks like I'm the lead dog on this.
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On 1/21/2023 at 8:44 PM, Geep said:

Revised, with the breakout of a new and freshly written section, "Potential for translations".

I'm sorry, but I think this part ("Potential for translations") should not be included in this page. Because the wiki page is about instructions on making subtitles work in the way they are currently possible. The part "Potential for translations" adds some possible future stuff that is not really relevant for the article. It should be better posted in the forum and discussed.

You could create a new wiki page with that info and link to it under here:


As for translation, i.e., subtitles shown in other TDM-supported languages, the current system provides an important and usable building block. But further design and implementation work would be needed to allow easy switching among multiple subtitle languages, say, in response to the Settings/Video/Language choice.

(last sentence under "What the gamer sees")

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I see your point, tho some of what's in the "Potential for translations" section is about current capabilities. But I can drop that separate section and fold the current-capabilities stuff into the "As for translations..." paragraph.

I'll start a new forum topic, too. Maybe "Subtitles - Possibilities Beyond 2.11" would be general enough.

Edit: wiki page edited, new forum threads started.

Edited by Geep
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