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Helmet Concepts

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Here are some various helmet designs I've been sketching up lately. I know a couple aren't really in the Thief style, but even those can spark ideas sometimes. :)



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Yup, 2 3 and 4 would work. 2 is more or less what the private guards in t2 wore, 4 is pretty much what I put on my elite mercenary and 3 would work for the city watch elite.

2 might even work for the elite Builders.

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Ok, I've added some numbers to the pic, hope they match up to your comments! :)

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#6 is a poor sketch, but the concept is very cool. It's from a medieval sikh armour. I'll have to do up a better one later. I thought it would make an awesome headgear for some kind of exotic assassin character.

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