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Mansion Environment (fountain)

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looks good..is there water between that man and the fountain..i mean is that a pool or its just the floor being higher?


just imagine that its night outside and you can see the starry sky reflecting on the water..so it would be cool if there was water there...

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Clearly it's a hallway, adjoining two different sections of the mansion ;) Maybe outside the windows, at either side of the "hallway," there are guards walking around in a courtyard. I love big rooms like this with rope arrows. Maybe some of the beams could be made of wood and when you get high toward the ceiling it's really dark. As well, maybe we could place certain artifacts (jewelry, busts, masks, etc.) around the perimeter of the room. And maybe at the top of the fountain, a couple gold coins; that are only accessible if you lower yourself down a rope from the ceiling. And if you have to play Donkey Kong, Jr. to get to a rope in the center of the room because the ceiling is so high, then so be it. Again, I love high-ceilinged rooms for purposes of rope arrows.


EDIT: Remember these are concepts. We "imagine" the possibilities; not stunt the creativity.

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