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TDM on windows 7 - Problem runing Learning mission


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I'm going to assume you are using an ATI card:

Dig rhrough the control panel and disable "Catalyst AI", should fix that right up :)


Ok that work...i build a new rig and move up for an ATI card...any explains for this?


Never mind..i rememeber sice i begin to work on this mod i had to do that....but after all this years....it seems there are things that never change :D

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any explains for this?

"Catalyst AI" performs game-specific optimisations - the kind of optimisation that would break other games if it was used globally, but doesn't affect that particular game's correctness and provides a small speed boost for it.


Unfortunately, one of those games is Doom 3, and while the optimisations that it performs work fine for base Doom 3, they are also applied to TDM (since it can't tell the difference between D3 and D3+TDM). TDM has some rendering modifications over base Doom 3 (bloom and skyportals), so those D3-specific optimisations are no longer appropriate and cause stuff to break. Hence, upside-down screen, weirdly rotating sky, etc.

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