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Bots And Mmorpgs...what The Hell?

bad marine ass

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I was having a discussion with a friend of mine. He uses macros and bots for some mmorpgs (which shall not be named atm :) ). I kinda felt that was stupid - people play MMORPGs for the following reasons:


- Make friends

- Kill stuff

- Completing quests together in an online world

- Exploring a particular world

- Earn virtual money


By using bots, people are defeating the purpose of playing an mmorpg in the first place. Where's the satisfaction gained from killing a mob and getting a uber item thanks to your own 1337 skillz? Why do people even play the mmorpg? <_<


lol I find these bot users really funny. Anyone who plays virtually any mmorpg should know how ironic all this is eh?

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We'd like to think people play mmos for those reasons, but there are many who play them as a power trip. Getting to uber level x with the best gear, and then parading around showing off is what they're after. THe faster they can get there the better, and the methos doesn't matter. Many just buy fully decked out high levels charaters in game like EQ.

I can understand why some people would use bots. Leveling in a lot of MMOs can consist entirely of hacking endless mobs to death by repeatedly hitting your LMB.

If I'd had access to a bot when I played EQ I'd probably have used it.

I see WoW is getting very tough on cheaters though (if they can find them of course)

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Never understood that myself. When I played Enemy Territory it was always fun for me and I liked it that I got better. Sometimes there were people using cheats. But what for? On a public server? I mean. You don't gain ANYTHING from it. And for me it spoils the fun to play such a game online.


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I love ET. The only reason I no longer play it is that it doesn't play nice with my firewall [1]. And I don't get cheaters either. I was actually the opposite of a cheater; I used to "volunteer" myself for the hardest tasks (like building the assault ramp on the Normandy Beach map) for the satisfaction of accomplishing something difficult.





[1] I could work around it, but I'm lazy

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