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Here are some reviews: http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/xbox360/masseffect2


Doing very well including a excellent score by the legendary EDGE magazine.


I enjoyed the first Mass Effect game, though I did think despite Bioware denials that it was a SPace Opera. Much like Dragon Age was made so they could continue in a D&D like setting despite not having the licence, I considered that Mass Effect was basically Star Wars but without the expensive licence. If they sort out the problems with loading, bugs etc and make exploration better, this should be very good.


Anyone else looking forward to it?

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STiFU, I for two was so ho-hummish by the very idea of KOTOR (Star Wars was never very interesting beyond the first one to me even though I grew up right then and there...) that I was never going to be able to bother with it...


But I liked ME1. And will probably play ME2... eventually... maybe... though... again... it weren't that great that I just have to play another iteration.


I mean, ME1 was really quite good, so I'd be sorry to have missed it. But I might just have had enough. So, unless ME2 is actually more than more ... eh...

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I bought ME2 at the midnight release, been playing a lot for a few days. It's really good.


There are some major changes, many big improvements, and some worse things too.



Powers and abilities work VERY differently, totally redesigned (could be good or bad, probably good)

There is ammo (in a way), which greatly changes the whole approach to gun-fighting

A lot of interface stuff is streamlined or simplified, may be good or bad depending



Places are much larger (so far) and more uniquely detailed, very cool environments

Graphics and effects are even better

No load-in textures

Some very cool features on the ship

Cool new conversation "moments"

Very cool new decryption and hacking mini-games

Combat is smoother and more engaging (I love the separate melee control, for instance)



Controls are not customizable enough (to me)

Load times are MUCH worse, have to wait such a long time just to change decks on the ship, etc

Small problems, such as no mouse wheel support in the menus, can't cancel a power choice, etc

There is occasional swearing (I think this is negative)

The whole vibe is much darker and almost sinister, as opposed to the bright wonder elicited from the first game

Planet mining (so slow!)(but some will love this)


There's probably a lot more to praise and/or complain about, but overall I'm very happy with it and just can't wait to see what's going to happen next. I'm also planning how I will do things differently on my next play-through.

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I love some of the improvements you've outlined -- especially if they pan out. :D


I quite like the others that I don't love. :)


AND, I think I might even like some of what you mentioned as negatives.


So, I'll be getting it after the initial squad of bugs are stomped.


Thanks for the quick rundown.

"A Rhapsody Of Feigned And Ill-Invented Nonsense" - Thomas Aikenhead, On Theology, ca. 1696

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I've been busy but let me say this game is sublime.


Playing Mass Effect 1 is like playing on a pentium 3 while playing ME 2 is like you're on a quad core. Even on Vista you can alt tab so quickly, load so efficiently, the gameplay is uber smooth.


Bioware has just shattered any tech anyone has ever created and set the bar so incredibly high. I have not played Uncharted 2 but I'm sure it's just as good if not better. It just destroys anything I've ever played and only Deus Ex will hold a candle to it due to it changing my life at the time.


If you have been wondering when the revolution of videogames would come it is here and it is now. Do not delay any further. Prepare to be jacked in, locked and loaded, and revved up to the maximum.


There are a lot of changes as noted above but personally I find them for the better. Less time spending doing stupid tedious tasks and more time in the action. You have to play smart, and if you start out in Hardcore difficulty like me you will get your ass kicked.


The A.I. is no longer a push over, you will die. Prepare to die many times. There are some minor bugs but nothing that detracts from the overall experience. Definitely a game of the year candidate hands down. Bioshock 2 will have a tough time following Mass Effect 2.


My final thoughts are if you get a chance to play it do so. Avoid the spoilers and enjoy it for yourself. A must play game. On the computer it runs uber fast like I mentioned earlier.

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      Spent most of the day learning and writing about AI navigation. It's stuff I already know, but the magic about writing something down as clearly formulated as possible, is that you then see things that much more clearly. You also find what's unclear to you, and then you figure out exactly how things work. I was hoping to get through it all within just a day, but it looks like this will take tomorrow as well, at this rate. There's also plenty of other nonsense I have to get through as well. Everything's a chore.
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      I knew enough about selections to do all of that in a very tense five minutes, and it compiled without leaks. (Thank you so much, Dark Radiant devs, for making an editor with such care for precision that you can align hundreds of brushes perfectly at once (which is not something I can say for Valve's Hammer editor, which has some serious issues on that front, which actually made me just quit it in disgust).) However, the result is that the entire level has now been stretched a barely noticable 2 units, and it will take some getting used to psychologically.
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      My workflow is basically running from a chain of disasters, eventually trying to seek shelter in former disasters. It's not ideal - it's just my life.
      When I abandoned my first map, it was out of a typical mental breakdown, and so I returned to find a skybox void where the kitchen door should have been (due to a misplaced visportal) and two overlapping brushes Z-fighting on the kitchen floor.
      I've now cleaned up the last bit of mess, by cleanly separating every floor into its own layer. Now I can finally work on each floor in peace.
      ...not that I really needed to. Once you get skilled enough, the orthographic messes, well, I'll let this video speak for itself:
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      Beams, beams, beams...
      Support beams, and cross beams, and then beams to fixate the support beams to the cross beams. The more beams you have in a map, the better. There's walls, floors and ceilings, but the rest of the map is pretty much just beams. Beams makes a thief happy.
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