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Fan Mission: The Builder's Influence (2010/03/20)


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On 1/11/2013 at 5:55 PM, TheUnbeholden said:

Slight problem, the compass is point the wrong way (according to the map of the office, Gerrards office should be in the south east corner, but it shows up as the north east corner according to the compass.) its very unprofessional for our smuggler friends to draw a map without having your bearings.

I think mission authors do this on purpose, and I was going to ask why.  Is it to make it more challenging?  I personally have a terrible sense of direction and get lost easily, and stuff like this puts me off.  Depending on the map, some places are more easily navigated than others.  If a particular environment is very symmetrical (like a lot of office buildings) and the map is disorientating it's not fun IMHO.  I know having terrible maps is part of Thief culture, but I wish wrong orientation wasn't part of it.

Just finished this with 2991 loot (short of 3000) on medium difficulty.  I'm not the best of ferreting out all loot, but I'm not terrible either.  Frustrating not to meet the loot goal.

Having said all that, it's very well done and challenging.  I didn't feel like giving up on the mission objectives and enjoyed dealing with the AI, but felt the loot goal wasn't worth carrying on for.  I did however finish the rest of the Corbin series without any difficulty, so this is just some (hopefully) constructive feedback 🙂

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Awesome a good old-fashioned mission. I finished with $3,581 and a stealth score of 6.

Things I liked:

  • The wide tiled hallways with narrow rugs under lights were excellent. You could either rely on shadowy corners or run silently on carpet, depending on situation.
  • Builder patrol routes were well planned out; they rewarded patience and close observation rather than dumb luck
  • Secrets were well hidden enough to function as secrets, but not too obscure

Things I didn't like:

  • The buildings outdoors looked like you can go inside but you can't. I did not like dodging the patrolling Builders in the courtyard for no payoff.
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I had a blast with this (11-year old!) mission: extremely good atmosphere, challenging and rewarding. I also enjoyed its backstory and sociopolitical context.

Playing on difficult, I found that tension when trying to enter certain rooms was really high, but observation and patience really pay off here, and the rewards for entering such rooms are usually well worth the increased heart rate :P.

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